How I Overcame Asthma

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I have been suffering with asthma since I was an 8 year old child. I spent countless number of nights without sleep. Not just me. My mother and after my marriage, my husband too spent many worried nights. Whenever I get asthma attack, I feel as if I am going to die in few minutes. Though there is medical help and logically there is no reason to think of death, I always get the strong thought that I am going to die in few minutes.In some instances, I even looked back at my entire life and said farewell to life with sad heart that I am going to die so young without accomplishing my goals.(Later, I understood the reason for this illogical thought .In one of my yoga nidra sessions,I got a past life experience in which I was trapped in a cave under the stones and died gasping for breath). By God’s grace and medical help,I am still living. My deep gratitude to medicine and doctors for helping me come out of asthma attacks

Though there is medical help, the suffering I went through when I got asthma attack made me look for ways to overcome this disease.From my experience and study,I understood that I get asthma attacks when one or all of the below conditions are met

1.When I go through negative emotions like hatred,anger,resentment
2.When there is dust
3.When the weather is cold like rainy season or winter season

From my Guru’s teachings of Energy Healing , I understood I should work on different levels like physical,emotional,mental,karmic to overcome my disease. I knew the teachings but I did not have the will to practice the teachings. So I suffered for many years inspite of all the precious knowledge

My mentors Ruchi Sanjil have been persistently and gently telling me to practice teachings since years but I still could not/did not practice to full extent. Amazing thing about them is they never lost hope on me even after several years of telling me. Thanks to the reminders of my mentors and Guru’s words, I decided I should overcome this asthma forever and started practising below teachings from Energy Healing.

2.Three breathing exercises taught in Alchemy Yoga
3.Blue triangle and inner reflection taught in Alchemy Yoga
4.Five Tibetans

Result: I have been practising these teachings regularly from March 2018 and till date, I did not have even one asthma attack. Its a surprise to me because in this time period, I had negative emotions, I drenched in rain continuously for an hour multiple times, I worked in dust. Basically, all the conditions which gave me asthma attack earlier are met but I still did not get asthma attack. Sometimes, I had cold. Surprisingly,this cold is instantly healed when i practiced the above teachings.

Being free from asthma is a great boon to me. Its a freedom from suffering. I can never thank enough my Guru and my mentors for helping me manage this disease which sapped my energies and happiness for almost 24 years.

I deeply wish and pray that every person and every being be benefitted from these priceless teachings.May every person and every being be blessed with good health, happiness, prosperity,spirituality, harmonious relationships,peace,long life.

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