A good karma miracle I experienced

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Thanks to our Guru’s teachings about Law of Karma and my own experience with tithing(which means donating 10% of one’s income), I tithe every month and came to a point where I stopped looking for miracles and experiences as a motivation for me to do tithing.. But still, when a miracle happens, it amazes me and that’s what motivated me to write this blog.

My mother developed cataract in both her eyes somewhere around 2016. Cataract surgery is a simple surgery and I told her I will get it done for her immediately. But she has her own fears that she will lose her eye-sight permanently if any mistake happens in cataract surgery. So she vehemently said no to my suggestion of getting surgery done.I tried to motivate her in many ways but her fears are stronger than my motivation. She suffered badly due to poor eye-sight. She could not see people’s faces clearly. She could not read books.She could not see lot of things around her. But she still wanted to live with these cataracts rather than opting for surgery. It pained me greatly to see her in this state but I could not do anything(or atleast I thought I could not do anything) other than praying and hoping that someday, she will agree for surgery. That someday never came. 3 years passed and its 2019.

On May 6th 2019, someone in IWC Friends Circle whatsapp group posted about an Energy Healer who needs to get eye surgery done. This person is financially challenged and is looking for financial support for the surgery. I donated some money for this cause and thought – I wish my mother also gets her cataract surgery done. I did not even think my wish will be fulfilled as I know its tough to change my mother’s mind. I did not do anything like blessing after meditation or praying everyday etc. Its just a casual thought I had.

After 10 days, my mother asked me to get cataract surgery done for her. I could not believe my ears and asked her what brought this change in her. She told me she got a dream where she was reading books again  and in her dream, she clearly saw that her both eyes are normal. 95% of my mother’s dreams come true. So she believed this dream and agreed for cataract surgery. In May 2019, finally, after 3 years of waiting, cataract surgery is done for her one eye and in June for second eye. Today, both her eyes are normal and she is able to do her day-to-day activities normally

This entire experience amazed me. In just a matter of 10 days, with small donation, my wish of 3 years is fulfilled. Our Guru always taught – it is in giving that we receive. If  I really understood Guru’s teachings,I would have donated for someone’s eye surgery in 2016 and wished about my mother.But I missed the point and waited for 3 long years. This experience taught me the importance of the divine law – It is in giving that we receive. Thank you Guru for teaching in detail about Law of Karma and Golden Rule and giving us enough understanding about the ways of Karma.Please bless us to apply these divine laws in our day-to-day lives and thereby transform our lives positively.

Sarve Jana Sukhinobhavanathu!

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