3 great benefits I received from Wellness Meditation

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Namaste all. I wish to share my experiences of wellness meditation.

I am part of ‘Daily Meditation’ whatsapp group and meditate regularly with the recordings of Geetanjali mam. Last week, my daughter and husband got infected with covid. Both were advised home quarantine. The entire week was very hectic with their fever, visiting hospital and taking care of them. The hospital is a bit far too. It was only me who would accompany them to the hospital. They got infected in 2 days interval. So each of  their condition was different.

Home quarantine for 2 people made me physically very tired. But every day in the night before I went to bed ,even if it was late night say 11 pm, I would meditate and then sleep. Meditation would always complete my day. It gave me the strength and courage to face the situations of life. I could see a major change in me with regular practice of wellness meditation. I used to get very much tensed during tough situations  until  a year ago. But I have been very different this time. I was doing my duty, praying and meditating. I was living each moment with awareness and never worried of the next moment.

When I told about the situation of my family to Geetanjali mam, she said it’s amazing that I wasn’t infected. Infact I was with my daughter through out before the covid testing. I was wondering how I wasn’t infected and was thanking God for keeping me healthy to take care of my family. Doing wellness meditation regularly has kept my mind calm in this tough situation. Every time when there was a problem in their  health situation, I would ask for solution to the divine and universe and I would get it. It’s through the wellness meditation I have practiced all these. I am very grateful to  Geetanjali mam for guiding me. 

Last but not least, Geetanjali mam did energy healings for my daughter and husband. 6 sessions for my husband and 4 sessions for my daughter. After the very first session of healing, I could see the difference in my daughter’s health.

To sump up, 3 great benefits I gained from regularly practicing wellness meditation are

  1. A calm and clear mind inspite of challenging situations
  2. Living with awareness
  3. Surrendering to the divine

Thank you very much mam for being with me and my family through out. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-Contributed by Gayathri

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  1. Charumathi Gurumurthy

    Wonderful write up on meditation….by going through the write up one can understand the importance of doing meditation and it’s effects on one’s life.

  2. Deepthi Kuruvella

    Wonderful writeup. Geetanjali always behave’s like a friend rather. Great Geetanjali.

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