My experiences with regular practice of Meditation

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This blog is contributed by Hema Baskaran.

I did Arhatic prep 2, on 1st and 2nd October 2017 at IWC. I was trying out the schedule as given in the book but doing the exercises and meditation was taking a lot of time. So my practice was quite irregular. Used to do it on the days I had time. Guru’s blessing was with me so that on 20th November 2017 Geetanjali put forth an initiative of doing a 108 days of regular practice. She also stipulated that if there was desire that needed to be fulfilled, this regular practice would help. As I had a wish close to my heart I thought why not give it a try. So I created time for practice in my daily schedule and started. With the grace of Guru I was able to follow the schedule and do the 108 days. During this time I was led to the people who would fulfil my wish and I was also shown the direction in which to proceed. I was so thankful to Guru that I decided to continue my practice till my wish is fulfilled. So I continued my practice. Once I had finished 108 days, it became a habit and a part of my daily routine.

Once I made the time for practice and mentally decided to do it regularly, I actually found time. Somehow things would work out that I got the time I needed. On days when I had to travel and leave for airport at 4.30 am, I used to get up an hour earlier, do my practice and then leave. When I was outstation, I have done my practice in hotel rooms making sure that I don’t miss it for any reason. Sometimes I have had to share rooms with my colleagues. So I would explain to them what I was doing and would tell them I will be getting up early to do my meditation and exercise. They were very accommodating and I was able to do it. Usually during my outstation trips I used to do only twin heart meditation. During some official trips for meetings I used to meet other energy healers in my organization and we would all do at least twin heart meditation together. They were also motivated to do regular practice. Some of my colleagues also wanted to learn energy healing. So what I feel is if one sincerely wants to do regular practice the universe makes the way for you.

I feel that it was Guru’s blessings that guided me to regular practice so much so that if I am unable to do it in the morning I feel uneasy till I come back in the evening and complete it.

So what are changes that happened during the year? I was prone to anxiety. I used to get tense and anxious for very small things. Within a few days of regular practice, I felt an inner calmness. My anxiety levels started going down. I found it easier at work. Received a lot of support from my boss and colleagues. People started valuing my opinion.

On the home front there was harmony. My practice used to take roughly one and half hours everyday and I usually used to do in the morning. My husband was very supportive. Some days I used to finish my practice and only then give him his morning coffee. He did not crib and used to wait patiently for me to finish.

More than the actual physical benefits, it was the spiritual growth that I felt. I felt inclined to read spiritual books, listen to programs where they discussed similar thoughts. The more I read and listened, the more I was at peace. Anytime a question arose in my mind the answer would be provided. If I desired something it would manifest. I started understanding the importance of right thoughts. I started consciously paying attention to my thoughts since I realized that every thought generated determines my future and my karma. I also started to tithe regularly.

What I started with a selfish motive of fulfilling my wish turned out be a change in lifestyle. Change in thinking. I became very patient. Started to feel compassionate towards others. I also realized that I was directed to doing the right things. A thought would occur and when I followed through, it would lead me to something which I wanted. This I realized was my intuition starting to bloom.

As the mind becomes calm, handling difficult situations is easier. If someone displays anger or irritability I did not get angry as I used to earlier. I was able to view the situation objectively and then respond. This resulted in the other person losing their anger as they were getting positive vibrations from me.

Another change I noticed was I felt detached from situations and was able to view them objectively. Also found an improvement in my grasping power and in the understanding of situations around me.

All I can say is that regular practice helped me in all aspects of my life and I am sharing this with you with the hope of motivating you to practice regularly.

I am still continuing my daily practice and now I hope with Guru’s blessings I am able to reach 500 days. With Guru’s blessings and my teachers Ruchi and Sanjilji’s blessings, I hope to continue my practice regularly.

Thank you Guru.

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