How to find time for meditation

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The other day, an Energy Healing friend called me and said – “you are so lucky. You are working. That’s why you are able to find time for meditation. I am a home maker and I have so much work to do. I am unable to find time for meditation.” And some months back, another person told me – “I am working and I cannot find time for meditation like a home maker. I have so many responsibilities to handle.” Is home maker lucky or a working person?

Before I share who is lucky, let me share with you another incident from my life. My boss is a super busy person. She is handling various initiatives and is a goal oriented person. One day, she got a video shooting for her youtube channel. By 6:30 AM, make up person will reach her home and shooting starts at 8 AM. So, by 6:30 AM, she is ready and shooting went on till 5:30 PM.

My boss is a hard core meditator who has been meditating since 20 years. She practices arhatic meditations everyday and it takes her almost 1.5 to 2 hours to complete the practices. On this busy shooting day, after wrapping her shoot, she reached home and did meditation at 6:30 PM after being busy for almost 12 hours. Video shooting takes lot of effort and patience. She has so many things to handle in a day. Yet, she found time for meditation.

I was very inspired by her commitment to meditation and asked her what drives her to meditate everyday. She said – “A monk meditates under tough situations like extreme cold, lack of resources etc. Now, I don’t need to be in extreme situations like a monk. I just need to meditate 1.5 to 2 hours in the comfort of my home to progress in life. Isn’t it an amazing blessing? Isn’t it so easy? So, I don’t like to miss my meditation even a single day no matter what it takes.”

From the life of my boss, I understood when a person wants to meditate, he/she will meditate no matter what the circumstances of life are. And when a person does not want to meditate, nothing can make the person to meditate.

So, how to find time for meditation? We will never find time for meditation. Truth is we need to create the time. We all have the same time of 24 hours per day no matter what our profession is. Whether we are a home maker or a working professional or a CEO or a celebrity, tasks will always be there and there will always be something to do in life. But we need to prioritize our tasks and make that time for meditation if we truly want to meditate.

So, it is entirely in our hands to make time for meditation. Circumstances of life cannot stop us from meditating. I learnt this truth from the life of my mentors Ruchi and Sanjil. They both were IT professionals in the past. Even today, they are super busy with running their meditation and healing center – Inner Wellness Circle. They are hands-on parents. They have thousands of students seeking their support. Yet, they find time for meditation no matter what’s going on in their life.

When we are unable to meditate, instead of blaming our circumstances, lets take a pause and reflect how we can make time for this important aspect of our lives. Can we cut down our online time? Can we delegate some tasks or organize our day better? Is it really tough to find 30 minutes for meditation out of 24 hours in a day(I am referring to wellness meditation/wellness meditation)? These are some questions we need to ask our own selves and find honest answers.

So, next time when you think you are unable to meditate because of your family or job or friends or anything else, question this thought and see the truth in it. When we do this, we can rise above it and truly make time for meditation because there is no truth in this thought.

(Just because I wrote this blog, please don’t think I will meditate every single day. Some days, laziness sets in and I don’t meditate. But I am conscious that it is my laziness that is stopping me from meditation rather than my circumstances. Because of this awareness, it becomes easy for me to bounce back and resume my practices. )

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu!

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