Experiences with 108 Days of Wellness Meditation

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My true journey into Spirituality actually began only after I completed 100 Days of Wellness Meditation in 2012. Till then, it was only a curiosity and interest but nothing transformational although I completed many courses in the path of Energy Healing in 2009(An ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of theory).100 Days of Wellness Meditation helped me overcome depression and inspired me to make Meditation a life-long habit.It helped a very stingy person like me start Tithing(donating 10% of income).It also took me deeper into Energy Healing and eventually helped me become a professional healer and Energy Healing teacher. This long journey of mine started with a small but important step of 100 Days of Meditation. So,it inspires me to conduct 100 Days(or 108 Days) of Meditation challenges frequently to pass on this magic to others. Recently, one such challenge was completed and below are some testimonials.

The last challenge was very special to me as this is the first time that my mother could do 108 days of meditation and she says her life is transformed.It feels good to see our family members grow in life. Thank you God for this great gift.

Next 108 Days of Wellness Meditation Challenge will start from August 15th 2023. Group Meditation timings are 9 AM to 9:35 AM IST(Recordings are provided to meditate at other times).If you have never experienced the taste of 108 Days of Wellness Meditation, I invite you to give it a try this time. These are free sessions and open for all(non-Energy Healers can also join). You can join this WhatsApp grouphttps://chat.whatsapp.com/BmE2iLUktUZ9VJNsGEUUpM


Dear all, sharing my testimonial to thank Geetanjali for conducting the 108 days meditation sessions which helped me get my new job in work from home mode. Its was miraculous for me because I got the offer on the 108th day and have started working from today. Thank you Geetanjali and all our teachers mentors and all the great ones for helping me materialize my goals. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.– Pratibha

Thank you Geethanjaliji for the most beautiful meditation session.I almost came out of my anxiety and depression. I am especially thankful for the recordings.We can do it any time.At first it was very difficult for me to concentrate in the meditation session.Thank you so much – Supriya

Namaste all.My journey with meditation started in 2020 with my favourite teacher Geetanjali mam. First it was smaller meditation on Fridays during the 48 weeks of gratitude practice. I was very much interested. Then I joined 100 days of meditation, then meditation preparing for Wesak poornima( It was almost 6 months).Then I couldn’t meditate for a few months. Again in 2022 I had meditated for almost 300 days. Now in 2023 till date I have been meditating regularly by the divine’s grace and Geetanjali mam’s efforts and guidance. What has changed in me? I used to ask this to myself several times. Initially the change was very clear. 

1.Anger management and forgiveness. It helped me a lot to be peaceful. 2. Spirituality – It has changed the way I pray to God. Most importantly belief and surrender to the supreme 3. Acceptance, this is the secret behind internal peace. I analysed a lot and discussed this with Geetanjali mam too. All these have helped me in the way I react to things and situations which has helped my family too. 

“Every day in every way I am becoming better and better in meditation”,” I can and I will meditate regularly” as mam affirms and we too affirm. These are a few things which I have learnt and need to learn more. Thank you very much Geetanjali mam for your efforts and guidance which is helping so many like me. Thank you, thank you, thank you mam- Gayatri

Thank you thank you thank you God and Geetanjali ji for wonderful 108 days meditation. I am really blessed. It transformed my body,mind and soul. Will continue meditation with this group. thank you,thank you,thank you- Neelam Goyal

This is the first time I did meditation everyday for 108 days. It is very transforming. It brought me peace, discipline and detachment- Mani(my mother)

This meditation has been so much useful to me, though I am not doing it so regularly after completing 100 meditations. Whenever I feel underconfident or disturbed, I do this meditation. I feel very recharged after doing this. Thank you so much Geetanjali Madam for conducting these free meditation sessions daily- Anil

Thank you mam for conducting meditation. You are motivating us into spiritual path. Thank you  – Anantha Lakshmi

-Contributed by Geetanjali Balachander

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