Arhatic Retreat 2018 – My wishes fulfilled

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This blog is contributed by Anuradha Raghuram

At the outset, I whole-heartedly thank Swarnamala Madam, for motivating me to attend Retreat this time, otherwise I would have missed all these wonderful miracles in my life.I am very glad to share that all my wishes written and dropped in Wish Box during Retreat were manifested.

First wish was my Lower back pain. Miraculously healed by our Sadgurudev. (already shared this experience in Retreat). Actually I was suffering from severe lower back pain for the past few days. So, I was hesitating to attend Retreat, as how I could sit for so many long hours with this back pain.After talking to Swarnamala Madam at the foundation about my family problem of staying 3 days away from home, I had decided to definitely attend the Retreat this time. Instead of asking PERMISSION, it turned as INFORMATION. With the help and blessings of our Beloved Guru and all higher beings, from first day itself, I was able to sit comfortably for the whole period of three days of the Retreat without any problem. During self-healing session, I could clearly feel that miraculous healing was done by Guru.

Second wish was giving donation to our Ashram. When everybody was announcing the donation in thousands and lakhs, I felt a bit low, whether I can contribute at least for a brick for the Ashram. How can I do that? But I had a strong desire to contribute at least small amount within my limits. Then I registered my name also as a donor. (Rs.9000/- in 9 months on installment basis). On 4th day, while coming back to home happily, suddenly this thought entered in my mind.How can I pay this Rs.9000/- in 9 months?  Reached home with this thought. After coming from office, my husband gave me Rs.10,000/- as gift (as a wedding anniversary gift, which I didn’t expect). Really tears welled up from my eyes.  Once again it is proved that, it is the Intention that matters. Everything will come to us automatically. (Kriyashakthi worked like anything…thought power).On 7th September, 2018, in addition to my regular monthly tithing, I also paid Rs.9000/- for Ashram as promised.I was worried about 9 installments in 9 months, but with Guru’s blessings able to pay the full amount within 17 days..

My last and third wish was about my husband’s promotion. I suggested him to tithe and pray to master. He did the same. With the blessings of Guru, he got his promotion 2 days before unconditionally (within 15 days), which he has been waiting for many years. That day, the first message he sent me was “Thank you Guru”.Really moved by this message.

So..all my wishes were manifested within very few days after attending Arhatic Retreat
With deep gratitude and in full faith in our beloved Gurudev’s Teachings.

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