my 3 recent experiences with blessing

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You are currently viewing my 3 recent experiences with blessing

Blessing always amazed me due to its simplicity and the results it brings. I started blessing from 2012 when I started my first 100 day meditation challenge. I blessed my family members, colleagues, my boss, goals and wishes, important events, tough situations, my day and so on. I was amazed by the way things changed just with doing wellness meditation and blessing after the meditation. Recently, I experienced 3 such instances and I am amazed again.

Instance 1: I am a big fan of 100 day wellness meditation challenge due to the transformation it brings in one’s life and I keep conducting them regularly. On January 1st 2023, I started one such challenge. It truly became a challenge because almost every other day, I was facing some or the other challenge like laptop issue, power issue, wifi issue (inspite of having backups), and what not. It was becoming troublesome because more than 10 people were getting delayed in meditation due to these issues and I was unable to keep up my commitment. So, we, as a group, started blessing our 100 days meditation and since then, we did not face any issues again. Today, its 71st day and its going smooth.

Instance 2: Group meditations are very powerful. It is said 7 people meditating together in a group is equal to 100 people meditating separately. I want to meditate in a group of 7 as I can gain more and evolve faster. This is one of the reasons why I keep conducting 100 days meditation challenges. When I started the challenge on January 1st 2023, there were more than 20 participants in live session. As time went by, this number dropped to below 7. So, again, we added a blessing that we are all meditating in a group of 7 or more people. Since then, this number is being maintained.

Instance 3: This happened yesterday. I ordered something on amazon and I had to cancel it. Its a simple process but this was complicated beyond my imagination and there were more than 5 transfers to different departments. Already, I was tired with a long day and I was about to lose my cool. Then, the better side of me said – hey, why don’t u just bless this person instead of venting out? Yaa, it made more sense because my frustration will irritate the other person and it will only further complicate the situation. So, I started blessing the 6th customer executive and stayed calm. Amazingly, this person could help me and close my request.

These 3 instances reinforced to me very clearly the power of blessing. Blessing is a simple tool that we all can use in our daily life. Going through a tough relationship? Meditate and bless. Attending a job interview? Do your meditation and bless. Going on a vacation? Dont forget to meditate and bless. So, lets bless, bless, bless. (For blessings to work, its very important to meditate regularly and take care of our virtues.)

Happy blessing!

-Contributed by Geethanjali Balachander

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