My experience with Tithing

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Tithing – I heard this word first time in my life when I did my Basic Energy Healing Course. Tithing means donating 10% of income to charity. When I heard this concept in class, I thought these Healers are really crazy. I can donate 100 rupees or 1000 rupees but 10% of my income????10% was too much for me.

Basically, I came from a very poor background with lot of financial struggles in my life. I found some relief in my life only after I got my job. Also , I developed a kind of resentment towards all my relationships and society because of the financial struggles I went through. I developed a mind set where I thought I will not donate even 1 rupee to others. I used to think – Who helped me when I was suffering? When no one helped me, why should I help others?

With this background, tithing was very tough for me. So, I told myself various things like – Tithing is for rich people. When I become a software manger like my mentors, I will tithe. I will tithe when my salary becomes 1 Lakh rupees per month. So on.

Time passed but I did not tithe. My mentors gently reminded me to tithe. They suggested me to start with at least 5% of my income. I used to tell them I will do next month. Like this, three years passed.

In 2012, life has put me in a very tough situation due to which I started doing Wellness Meditation. After 30 days of meditation, I felt I should do tithing for just 3 months. So, I started tithing in September 2012. I observed below changes in these 3 months.

1.I have seen financial miracles.
2.Buying a home in Hyderabad was a big thing for me. It materialized in these 3 months.(My mother and I did MTH also along with Tithing and after MTH, we used to bless everyday for own house.)
3.I had very stressful life in office and I used to hate going to office.I had tough relationships with my colleagues and manager. In these 3 months, my relationships with my manager and colleagues have become better and my office life became peaceful. I enjoyed going to office.

I was amazed seeing these changes. So I continued Tithing even after 3 months and next September(as of 2018), I will complete 6 Years of Tithing. These 6 years have been incredible for me. I experienced so many wonderful things in these 6 years.

One wonderful thing that happened to me is I married my husband without giving even 1 rupee dowry. Giving dowry is just not acceptable to me. I always thought why should a girl give money to get married as if marriage is a favor done to her. Yes, it is wonderful if girl’s parents give money or gold or property out of joy and out of choice. But I felt demanding money from the girl and forcing girl’s parents to give money is not fair. It did not make sense to me to become part of dowry system where families bargain relationships for money.

Everyone told me its impossible to marry without giving dowry. People told me I will never find a husband in my life if I am not prepared to give dowry. But here I am who married a wonderful person without giving any dowry. I believe this miracle happened because of tithing regularly. Not just me, I saw another friend of mine too experience the same. She is from a community where dowry is in Lakhs and Crores. She too tithed regularly and married without giving any dowry.

Why should a person tithe?
1.Tithing generates good karma and this good karma comes back to us in the form of our needs like good health, happiness, harmonious relationships, good marriage,prosperity.
2.Tithing helps a person in becoming prosperous.
3.Tithing helps in fulfilling one’s wishes( This aspect of tithing is taught in Kriyashakti course of my Guru).

Whom should we tithe? Arhatic Prep-2 Course of my Guru teaches in great detail about Tithing, whom to tithe and importance of tithing in one’s spiritual and material progress.

Tithing has transformed my life and made relationships beautiful. It has given meaning to my life and to the money I earned. Every month, when I tithe, I feel so good and satisfied. Tithing is recommended by all religions across the world like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism. Sai Baba of Shiridi taught this devotees that only when a person donates money, he is entitled to receive prosperity(Prosperity is just not money. It is peace in all areas of life like good health, happiness, relationships, money etc) . So, I suggest everyone to try tithing for atleast 6 months and see results yourself.

‘By giving and sharing generously, one will be blessed with great abundance and prosperity’ – my Guru

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