My experience with energy healing

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Namaste mam.

My husband got promotion and transferred to Tirupati mam. We had to take TC for my daughter in Hyderabad school.
I was doing energy healing to the principal that her mood is good . My healing worked . She didn’t take term 1 fees for the child though she studied term 1 in this school(I did not wish for this) and issued TC for her. Very happy for this.

Just wanted to share this with you mam. Healing practice sessions gave me confidence in healing and its doing wonders.

Thankyou thankyou thankyou for these sessions mam.🙏

-Contributed by Sujeshna


Wanted to express my deep gratitude for @⁨Geetanjali Energy Healer and how energy healing helped me.

I was traveling abroad and after a week got up in the morning with severe back ache. I have had back issues in the past but nothing from many months. It felt it came from nowhere and I blamed our traveling in car and the soft mattress in hotels. Took some painkiller n did some exercise I knew but it didn’t help much. Spoke to a doc in India but couldn’t take the prescribed medicines as they were not off the shelve medicines.

I panicked as I was in this beautiful city and stuck in the hotel room and it was ruining not only my holiday but also my husband’s. I reached out to Geetanjali in this panic mode to help me. She kindly helped and started healing 2 and then 3 times a day. After the first healing itself, I started to feel better and she asked me to start forgiveness practice. Many times we don’t realize pent up emotions can cause physical pain and doing the forgiveness practice helped me free those emotions and I believe helped in my healing too.

With healing I was able to continue with my holiday, car travel and sight seeing, hiking, doing minimum 10k steps a day and all this is only possible because of energy healing and painkiller.

It felt miraculous to me ✨✨ I am really grateful 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️ to masters for sharing this practice, Ruchi and Sanji for teaching and Geetanjali for healing me every day, even at odd hours because of the time zone.

-Contributed by Divya Vaishnavi

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