My take on Kriyashakti course

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“Spirituality and Materialism are like the two wings of a bird. We need both to fly.” – My Guru

My Guru is a millionaire, a businessman, a Spiritual Guru. This description of my Guru surprised me when I heard.I thought how can a Spiritual Guru be millionaire and businessman? He also wore nice business suits and conducted his courses in nice hotels. He was a puzzle to me till I did and understood Kriyashakti Course.

Before entering into the path shown by my Guru, I used to think money is bad. Ironically, I wanted money and I was stingy as well.Every rupee counted and I was not willing to donate even 100 Rupees to anyone though I thought money is bad. Now if I look back, it would not make any sense to me why would someone want and hoard something that is bad.But that’s how I thought. My thoughts were in conflict with each other.

Then I attended Kriyashakti course of my Guru. This two day workshop taught lot of new things to me. Below are my key take-aways.

1.I learnt that money is good. This is a huge learning to me
2.I learnt what attitudes will make a person prosperous and what attitudes will make a person poor
3.I learnt what is true prosperity. Earlier for me prosperity just meant money. After this course, prosperity is more than money
4.I learnt the art and science of manifestation. I had(and still have) wishes and I read many books on manifesting these wishes. Kriyashakti made manifestation a systematic process and gave several techniques to manifest wishes. I applied these techniques in my life and experienced that these techniques really work
5.I learnt two powerful techniques – Blue Triangle for Prosperity Consciousness and Meditation on Prosperity. Whenever I practiced these 2 techniques for few months, I have experienced money come into my life from unexpected sources.
6.I learnt the power of thoughts and techniques to make thoughts powerful.
7.This course gave me the confidence that I can manifest anything if I truly desire it and if I am willing to practice the techniques given in the course. This confidence gave me the courage to dream even in tough situations
8.This course taught me how to generate good karma and how to use this good karma to improve my life

Though this is a 2-day workshop, it has lot of teachings and I could not practice everything as teachings are vast and deep. I am still trying to practice few things here, few things there. I wish every person does this beautiful workshop  and experiences that he/she is the creator of his/her life,abundance and prosperity.

Sarve jana sukhino bhavantu!

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