My experience with blessing

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I want to share a blessing experience I had.

Next to my bedroom window (I have kept it open because of humidity)after our compound wall, there is a big vacant ground with good greenery area. So some street dogs made that area their resting place. They sleep in that area. One month back, during the night time, dogs started barking. I don’t know what happened. I felt one dog is in pain and barking. May be they had a fight. Barking continued through out the night.

My husband, 2 year old kid and I spent disturbed night. We could not sleep properly due to the barking. This barking continued for 8 nights. My scared little one used to wake up and cry holding me. All my neighborhood too was irritated. In the day time, these dogs are not seen. So, we could not take any action.

These nights made me anxious. Then on 9th day, randomly ,I thought to bless these dogs after my wellness meditation. During evening time, after my meditation, I blessed them with love and compassion. I sent them lot of pink light. I visualized that they are blessed with safety and love and they moved to more safe and right place. I also visualized that all the people living in the neighborhood are happy and having a harmonious relationship with environment. That night went little bit fine compared to the previous night. So, I continued blessing the dogs and people for 2 more days.

On 12th night, we had an amazingly peaceful night , and surprisingly dog number is reduced. Now there are only 5 to 6 dogs and barking stopped.

I am amazed at the miraculous power of blessing. I feel grateful that I learnt meditation and how to bless.


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