How we manifested our dream home

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We already have our own flat but we felt it cannot cater to our future needs. When we thought of buying a new home, we were not clear on what our future needs are but somehow, there was an urge to buy a new home. So, we started our house search in 2016. We had many things in our mind – early retirement, our spiritual aspirations, schooling of future child etc. We did not have any clarity though

We desired an independent house going by the trend(not by our needs). We found an independent house in 2016 which we can afford and we liked it in all the ways. We felt it’s the perfect home for us.We built all our dreams around it and fell in great love with the home. When we went to apply for bank loan, 3 banks rejected the loan because it is close to water body and not a right property. 

Our hearts broke terribly and it took us some months to move on. Later, we searched many homes but no home made us feel its perfect for us. Finally, we were fed up with  these searches and decided to first understand our own needs rather than going by trends

So, we sat down and wrote a list of features which our dream house will have. We wrote till our heart is truly content. While we were writing the features, we did not worry about the feasibility, affordability, practicality.List has 65 features. Some of the features are as below

        Seller is genuine
       We like the home
       Home has good ventilation
       Home is Energy Feng Shui compliant
       Home is Vastu compliant
       There is separate meditation room
       Park is 5 minutes from the home
       School of our future child is at walkable distance from the home
       Construction is of good quality
       All our family members like the home
       Home brings us good health, happiness, prosperity, harmonious relationships , peace
       We have like-minded neighbors
       Home is within our budget

We put this list in Wesak Meditation Blessings(April 30 2018) and left it at Guru’s feet. When we applied logic, we felt its tough to manifest this. We thought – how can everything fall in place?

I started my Arhatic Sadhana on May 21st as I was fed up with my very less spiritual practices and eventually, my husband too started. We did not even bless our desire or applied kriyashakti techniques for our dream home. We did Sadhana just for the joy of doing it

On July 15th, we felt we should see a paricular home. In my meditation, Guru clearly said – I will be present there even before you come. When we visited the community, we saw Guru’s pic in Meditation Hall and Guru’s words made sense to us. Guru clearly guided me in my meditation which flat to buy and why the flat should be bought( we wanted to buy another flat in the same community). We proceeded with the flat suggested by Guru and we finally bought the flat

Oh , by the way, this flat matched 61 out of 65 qualities we have written and it’s a shock to us. Our future child’s school(school based on waldorf methodology) is just 5 minutes away from the community. The community has some Energy Healers. It has excellent quality of construction and wonderful maintenance.It allows us to retire early as price is not too high. 1 Year back, when we went to a home constructed by the same builder, my husband and I thought – “Wish we could stay for rent in such a community for some time and experience the joy”. As if Guru heard our heart’s desire, he blessed us with a home in the community constructed by the same builder and it has everything we desired

Right from the day I read secret book written by Rhonda Byrne, manifestation greatly appealed to me and I read many books on manifestation. With the experience of manifestation of my marriage and dream home, I decoded manifestation techniques as below

     1. Write down in detail what you want about your goal without thinking about affordability, feasibility, practicality. Write till your heart is satisfied
     2. Forget about your goal(don’t worry when it will happen or how it will happen)
     3. Practice 5 pillars of Alchemy Yoga very regularly

Practice of Alchemy Yoga made us understand that there is nothing that is impossible for Guru and Higher Beings. We understood and experienced that when we practice 5 pillars of Alchemy Yoga, Guru and Higher Beings walk with us on our manifestation journey and guide us on every step. And its a great joy to partner with Higher beings and work for our goals. May every person, every being experience this joy of manifestation.

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