What I learnt from healing my mother of high BP

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I am writing this blog with some hesitation because if I need to be honest, I need to admit my mistakes in this blog. Admitting mistakes hurts ego but I am going ahead because if I don’t write this blog, I will be doing a great disservice to Energy Healing and to my spiritual progress.

My mother is diagnosed with high BP and hypo thyroid on August 25th 2020. She has diabetes since 2013. I felt very bad and was heart broken with these ailments. Doctor gave her medications and she started taking them. In spite of me being an energy healer and a energy healing teacher, I did not apply energy healing on her. I can give excuses like I am busy etc. in this blog and move on but if I do my soul searching , it is because I felt my mother’s case is a complex case and energy healing cannot do much. I believed that she needs to modify her lifestyle more than the application of energy healing.

Do I have any experience where I tried energy healing on high BP and I failed? None. But I assumed without any proof that energy healing cannot heal high BP. And a case which has diabates, thyroid, BP is impossible to heal(in my opinion).

So, with this limited mindset, I made changes in her lifestyle. I drastically changed her diet and forced her to do exercise. She practiced wellness meditation now and then. She took medicines. And I hoped for a miracle. I hoped to see positive changes in her. There were some changes but her progress did not meet my expectations. It was depressing to me because I wanted to see great improvement in her.

As a last resort, I tried energy healing on her on October 4th. Yes, as a last resort. I felt this is the only way left for me and I should apply energy healing for 1 year to heal her BP. I was prepared to heal her for 1 year twice a day because I thought her case is an impossible case and only some miracle by my Guru can heal her. I applied the high BP protocol from advanced healing book using crystals(it took me just 20 minutes of time to do it) and did not expect any miracles or results. I just continued.

To my disbelief, in 4 healings, her BP came to normal. I had doubts if BP machine is functioning well. So I checked BP of my husband and me to just make sure that the machine is fine. Yes, it is fine. I continued healing and in 7 healings, she got low BP. She felt dizzy and BP came around 95/65. We approached doctor and after 3 days of monitoring, doctor suggested her to stop taking BP medicine. Now, she is free of BP medicine.

This is one of the greatest miracles I have ever seen in my life. Just with 20 minutes of healing twice a day for couple of days, my mother’s BP has come to normal. I am amazed to experience that I learnt Energy Healing which can cure diseases like high BP.

I am continuing her healing as I want to heal hypo thyroid and diabetes as well. Also a disease like high BP may need some time to stabilize. So, I am applying protocol for all 3 ailments with caution and careful monitoring. I want to heal her for 1 year twice a day and see what’s going to happen with diabetes and hypo thyroid. Will they be healed with energy healing? I don’t have any prior experience in healing them. So, I don’t know. I want to give a complete attempt from my side and know the truth.

I feel very bad that I did not apply healing on my mother for diabetes. What if I applied healing right in 2013 or 2014 ? What could have happened? But guilt is a negative emotion which does not help me in anyway. So, I choose to learn my lesson and let go of my guilt. The biggest lesson I learnt from this experience is I should not come to any conclusions without experimenting. I don’t need to believe energy healing. At least, I should have the patience and open mind to try and experiment before coming to blind conclusions.

Sarve jana sukhino bhavanthu!

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  1. Sunita

    Divine Blessings Be with All. May your mother be cured of rest of the medical ailments too and be fit and hearty.

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