How Energy Healing and Meditation helped me in parenting

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This blog is contributed by Ajita Walia.

Here is my long pending testimonial that I have been always wanting to share.I would like to start my new year with a gratitude note for the Energy  healing science, the master and the mentors Ruchi and Sanjil.  It has been more than 5 years since I have been introduced to energy healing by my husband followed by the basic , advance, aromatherapy and arhatic prep 1 courses at IWC. Since then we have been benefited in several ways and I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for the same. Whenever I could not do healing myself, We have got healings done for ourselves, family and friends with very positive outcomes. This include healing for dengue for my husband, brain fever for my cousin and many more.

The reason I got inclined towards energy healing was that I was looking for the right alternate medicines for my toddler for common illness and here I found a system which was so reliable, powerful, miraculous and not difficult to implement as well.

I was fortunate to attend Alchemy workshop when I was carrying my second child. I was so determined to exclusively breastfeed my second child as it wasn’t the case with my first one because of some issues. During my wellness meditation, I started imagining  a very smooth breastfeeding phase and  I actually did it. I exclusively breastfed my baby and still doing without any trouble :). Though my pregnancy was quite smooth throughout, I got into preeclampsia in my 35th week , a state of high blood pressure which is not good for both the mother and the fetus. There were chances that my baby had to stay in NICU after birth as her weight was just 2kg and her lungs might have not developed well by this time. My husband got my healings done from Ruchi and Sanjil during that time and everything went fine. My baby cried immediately after delivery , her lungs were absolutely fine, even the doctor and staff were so happy to see her healthy. Those were precious , unforgettable moments of our lives.

Since we have strong faith in the power of healing, I have got my baby healings done for the initial months for good health and development. I can clearly see the difference between my first child and the second child. My daughter is a very healthy and a peaceful child since birth..touchwood 🙂 I see other mothers constantly running to doctors for their infants for some or the other issue, Infact that’s what I also did for my first child until I got aware of energy healing.

I can write endlessly but to sum up…energy healing is a miraculous and powerful weapon gifted to us for taking charge of our wellbeing. Much regards to IWC where we got introduced  to this great system and for getting the needed support.


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    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience on Pranic Healing.

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