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I studied very hard for my engineering entrance exam -EAMCET and got 364 rank in this exam. I took up ECE branch in one of the best colleges of AP and Telangana – Osmania University College of Engineering. I chose OU because others said its the best college, ECE because others said thats the best branch and Engineering because others said it brings good salary. But after I joined engineering, I was not happy with my branch or my college or the entire concept of engineering.

I felt suffocated and depressed not understanding why I am studying engineering. I somehow dragged through my engineering. 4 years felt like 4 decades to me.I fortunately completed my engineering(I thank God for helping me get pass marks in all those boring subjects) and ended up in software company – ADP because its a company that gave me good salary over other companies. Again, software is not my passion. I hated programming in my engineering days and ironically,I ended up in software company.

Before I entered software industry, I wanted to become a maths lecturer because I loved maths or a social worker as I loved working for social causes and making an impact but these two jobs did not pay like software.I wanted to do MBA in HR but my family’s financial position did not give me the luxury to pursue MBA or in other words, I stopped myself citing money as the reason. So, I entered software industry half-heartedly just for the sake of salary in 2008. I worked only for money.

And the first 4 years of my job were a drag like my engineering days. I could not understand what I am doing with my life and wondered what’s my purpose. I hated my job to the core but did not know what to do. At the end of the day, I needed money and continued my job.And then I started my meditation journey in 2012. After I started my meditation, I started liking my job. I found my job as a learning and gradually started giving my best to the job.

I started enjoying my software career but still there is a nagging question in my heart – “Is this job my purpose in life?” I did not know the answer to this question because I did not know clearly what I liked doing in my life. By the time I reached 2015, I lost my interest in maths. I lost my interest in MBA too. Only interest that still stayed with me is doing social work. Whenever, I read stories of people making impact around, it brought me immense happiness and I used to feel – when will I create such an impact? When will I bring smiles to others?

Meanwhile, I also developed interest in Energy Healing and Meditation but career in these fields does not guarantee me a pay like my software job .Again, the question of money came into my mind. Finally, I realized till I achieve decent financial stability in my life, I cannot pursue my passion. So, I decided to fall in love with my software job whole-heartedly and create meaningful impact around me in whatever way I can without waiting for full time job.

So, I looked for ways to do service without quitting my software job and service appealed to me greatly for below reasons.
1. It gave me the joy of impacting others positively.
2. It helped me generate good karma. Good karma plays an important role in fulfilling wishes and it is very important for a happy and peaceful life.
3.My Guru says – When you do service, you grow spiritually, mentally and financially. My Guru’s words greatly motivated me.

These are the 3 main reasons that inspired me to do service. Teaching meditation, taking orientation lectures on Healing , blessing people – these were some ways I found to do service. But they were not enough for my greed to serve more. I was in constant search for avenues to do service and unknowingly, I found a great way to do service. Its writing.

One thing I greatly loved doing is writing.I wrote lot of testimonials about the way my Guru’s teachings transformed me because writing gave me lot of happiness and writing about my Guru’s teachings enhanced this happiness all the more. After writing here and there, I decided to start a blog where all my writings will be at one place and will stay forever.So I started this blog in July 2018.

I enjoyed writing blogs immensely and lost track of time. I used to jokingly tell my husband – wish someone pays me for writing! I used to wish for a writer job that pays me as good as software job but I did not think this wish will become a reality because I don’t know anyone from writing industry and I don’t even know how to become a full time writer.

My writing saga continued for 1.5 years. My desire of creating an impact  is satisfied through writing and I felt I found my purpose. I am happy with this part time service and full time software job. I also lost the urge to leave software job. I gave my whole and soul to my software job. Everyday morning, I used to be excited about my job and went like a happy child to office and gave my best. And just when I decided I love working in software and can easily continue in this job for next 20 years, an opportunity knocked my door.

This opportunity is full time content creator for a wellness based start-up and they are exactly looking for someone like me who has some background of meditation, spirituality, wellness and who loves reading and writing. They offered me a salary as good as my software job. It was unbelievable to me because I did not actively search for such writing job or did anything to get this job. After some thinking,I quit my software job and finally became a content creator. I have drawn my first and second salary. So I can confidently say this is all true 🙂

From my entire journey, I understood below are some of the steps that can help in finding dream job.
1. Fall in love with whatever job or career you are pursuing currently and give your best. If you don’t love your job, meditation, tithing, service, blue triangle(this is taught in arhatic prep-2 course) might help you in developing love for your job.
2. Be regular about below spiritual practices.
Tithing(donating 10% of your income to charity)
Service(donating 3 hours per week for the welfare of others without getting paid in return)
3. Start doing something close to your heart on weekends  or in your free time and use it as service for the cause of your Guru’s work. It could be photography, painting, healing, conducting meditation classes, writing, creating fliers, social media platforms etc. Initially, no one may pay you but as you keep doing it regularly  and creating an impact around, a day will come when your skill will be rewarded monetarily. Important point is to do this for your own happiness without  being worried whether someone will pay you or not. Enjoy doing this wholeheartedly for your Guru’s cause.

These are the 3 steps that helped me find my dream job and I think they will help others too. Thank you Guru as always for all your love and compassion. Thank you for giving us the great tools of Energy Healing. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu!

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  1. Ruchi & Sanjil

    First step that helped in finding the job is such an important point that most fail to realize. One is stuck in a situation because there is some learning from that situation, the moment one accepts this situation whole heartedly, one starts learning from that situation. The moment learning is over situation is over…

  2. Deepthi Kuruvella

    When I was reading this post, I saw myself. I got 301 rank in EAMCET and I took ECE in JNTU. By default, I should pursue my career in IT. In first year of graduation, I felt it as Greek and Latin. After 3rd year, I was preparing for GRE and I scheduled my GRE exam on June 15th to do MS in US. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with a acute health problem on Jan 1st and I was rushed to hospital. And I did not take GRE. I had to discontinue for a year after 3rd year as I was on medication. I completed my final year with my juniors. I got selected by IBM via campus selection. In almost every book I saw that, was created by IBM. Getting into such a legendary company is such a great feel. When I was working at Bangalore, I visited Mother Teresa rehabilation home for destitutes. There I met some old people and some people with some health problems. All they need is someone to talk to them. That brings smile on their face. That was so touching. In 2007, my friend and I started Vivekananda Helping Hands (kind of a NPO which is not registered). We identified some children who are in dire need for education and they don't have monitory support. We helped many such children till 2012. I moved to Hyderabad in 2012 after getting married. In IBM we have On Demand Community via which we can contribute social service. When ever I go to such Government schools, I think that I should dedicate myself to those kids. I have inclination for my job too. Learning and working on new technologies is always exiting. Once I quit my job, I will definitely dedicate my life for social and animal service. Till then I will work as an IBM volunteer to support under privileged people.

  3. Geethanjali

    Thank You Deepthi for sharing your journey

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