Baby – what a soul you are!

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My husband has been chanting the name baby ever since he watched hero Surya’s movie ‘aakasame nee haddu ra'(Sky is your limit). I did not watch the movie and wondered why he is such a big fan of this character named baby. Baby is the wife of hero in the movie. Finally, I watched this movie and I too became a fan of baby. Oh! What a soul this baby is! It is extremely rare to come across a character like baby in movies or even in real life.

Our baby is a simple village girl. There is no glamour in her and she is presented as a fat girl(there are some lines in the movie which say that she became like a bun after eating buns). She is not fair. She is not thin. I am amazed at the courage of the director to present a heroine like this. This heroine characterization is very different from the heroines we generally come across in movies. She is real.

Our baby has a strong mind. She has dreams of her own and she decides how to live her life. She is not apologetic or sad for being rejected by 20 grooms for marriage. She does not change herself to impress the hero or anyone in this world. She speaks her mind without any inhibitions and she chases her dreams with all the courage. Her dream is to run a bakery and she puts her heart and soul in making her dream a reality.

I think only those people who pursue their dreams can support others to pursue their dreams. Our baby supports her husband’s impossible dream of low cost aviation. Not even once, does she criticize him or ask him to give up his dream. Even when her parents criticize her for marrying such an impractical man or when there are financial challenges, she still believes in the dreams of her man. This man is shattered by the obstacles he faces in making his dreams a reality and baby becomes an ‘oasis in desert’ for him. She is always there to support him, to give him money and most importantly, to believe in his impractical dream.

And I loved the way she lets her husband go to pursue his dreams when she needs him the most. This is tough but baby assures her husband that she will take care of herself. She does not wait for her man to support her or be there for her. Oh! What a woman she is! Seeing this baby, I felt at many places – “I should be like this.” Baby became one of my role models(I have many) and I cant admire her enough. Every sentence she speaks in the movie has wisdom and made me think.

One book that greatly helped me understand men and women is ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’. This book helped me understand what it means to be a man and a woman. Before reading this book, I thought both men and women are equal but this book taught me that biology does play a significant role in how we respond to life. Men and women are not equal. Each gender is unique and has their own needs in life. Baby is the perfect version of the woman I read about in this book. This woman knows how to chase her dreams and how to let go of her man. She knows how to be proud of her work and at the same time, believe in her husband’s work.

I wish every woman and every human being to be as empowered as this baby. Many a times, I see people around me giving up their dreams or feel like a victim. I hope this character inspires us to rise above such tendencies. In real life, I understand it is not always easy to live like a baby but with the practice of wellness meditation and other teachings of my Guru(Law of Karma, forgiveness, tithing, service), every person can be as empowered as this baby. My life is an example of this.

The other day, my husband asked me – “How do you manage to live your life like you want? You are a very different person I have seen in my life”. For a moment, my ego swelled up but I remembered how I was before practicing meditation and my Guru’s teachings. I was a meek, under-confident woman who was afraid to even dream because I used to think dreams don’t come true in life. But the teachings of my Guru gave me the confidence to dream and make these dreams a reality. My Guru’s teachings gave me the confidence that I can create any kind of life I want. I am empowered on all levels thanks to my Guru’s teachings. With the regular practice of wellness meditation and tithing, every person can create his/her own little kingdom and be the king/queen.

My hats-off to the babies of this world! May we all be empowered souls like baby. Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu!

P.S. Please forgive me for not talking about hero of the movie. I am overwhelmed with baby’s characterization and my eyes could see nothing else.

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