4 lessons I learnt from my ex-manager

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Till Jan 2020, I worked in IT sector. I worked in the same team for almost 11 years and had 2 managers. Today I am going to discuss about one of these managers. My manager is a wonderful person , whose goodness I realized only after doing regular meditation. When we are filled with negativity within, its tough to see any amount of goodness in the other person. So, it was tough for me to see even 1% of goodness in my manager.After I completed my 100 days of meditation, I really liked this person. I felt he is a decent person with positives and negatives like anyone else.

One thing I observed about my manager was, in all the 11 years I worked with him, I never saw him fall sick. He did not apply any sick leaves. He did not complain of head aches or cold or fever. He is not over weight. He is healthy. This puzzled me greatly because his habits were nothing extraordinary.

He had late night office calls. He ate outside food occasionally. He ate junk food too. He was not choosy or fussy about what he ate. He is a non-vegetarian. He was answerable to many more people than I was. I had only two managers but he had multiple bosses – onsite and offshore. He had housing loan and job insecurity like all the IT employees. He believed in God and prayed but not into any kind of spirituality.  So, it was a great puzzle to me as to how this man stayed healthy in spite of leading  a normal life.

One day, when I was in my last few months of job, he revealed his health mantra. His mantra is walking. Everyday, he walked in the morning time for an hour. This is part of his routine since years. And he recommended this to one of my colleagues who was going through multiple health issues. I was amazed to know that walking can keep a person so healthy.

Apart from this mantra revealed by manager, I noticed couple of great qualities in him. First great quality about him is – he never took much stress. Somehow, he had the ability to stay calm no matter what was happening. He is a bindaas person. Our team mates(including me) did give him tough time. There were many challenges in the project. His bosses gave him tough time. But in all these things, he stayed composed and balanced.

Second great quality about him is he did not hold any grudges. I remember one incident which amazed me.One day, I had a very bad argument with him over a petty issue and I crossed my limits in my anger. It was wrong on my part but I did not apologize for my behavior. In a week’s time, we had our appraisal discussion. I thought he will take some revenge and put me down in appraisal. I thought my 6 months of effort goes into vain because of one heated argument.

To my surprise, he was extremely professional, pointed out all the good things I did in 6 months and gave me a very good rating. He concluded the meeting with only one remark saying – I think you should control your aggressive behavior. Yes, he was right and I apologized for my wrong behavior after several months of appraisal discussion. The way he did not hold any grudges towards me was a shock to me. He demonstrated the same behavior with my other colleagues too. He has forgiven many people and moved on pretty quickly.

All in all, from my manager’s excellent health, I learnt that below 4 things are beneficial for good health.

1.Spend an hour in walking everyday.
2.Be consistent and regular in healthy habits.This can negate many other unhealthy habits. Many of us start healthy habits but dont stick to them for long time. Either we are irregular or keep changing our habits or give up in the middle. Consistency pays big.
3.Dont hold grudges. Forgive and move on. (Forgiveness is very important for good health)
4.Dont take stress for any reason.Stay relaxed and balanced.

My manager may think his health mantra is walking but from the background of Energy Healing, I understand that his emotional and mental balance along with regular walking contributed greatly towards his physical health. If he practiced meditation, probably he would have gone to a different level altogether. He would have reached much greater heights in his life.

My whole-hearted thank you to this wonderful manager who taught me these things.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu

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