How Meditation and Energy Healing can help in difficult times

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When I first saw posts of Coronavirus on Social Media, I did not think it would turn out this serious.I thought it would last for couple of days and vanish like SARS. I was proved wrong. Statistics keep growing everyday and the picture is negative in news. Earlier, I never watched or read news but these days, I am reading news actively to keep myself informed. Inspite of me being a decently positive-minded person and believing in law of attraction, I should accept the truth of the situation that it is negatively impacting health, wealth,relationships and peace of mind for people across the world.Businesses are slowing down.This is the truth of the moment. Can anything be done in such situation in addition to following Government’s guidelines?

My Guru’s teachings are far-sighted and have many great tools that can be applied in these troubled times. Before I come down to my Guru’s teachings, lets first list down some of the problems  that might be faced by a common man in these times.

  1. Fear of losing one’s health
  2. Fear of losing the health of family members
  3. How to pass time
  4. How to live life without socializing
  5. Fear of job loss due to recession
  6. Surviving without maids
  7. Frustration in relationships
  8. Handling children
  9. Staying at home all the time
  10. Scary forwards in social media

Like many people, my husband and I are also exposed to most of these problems.But, thanks to our Guru’s teachings, we are able to go through these issues without losing our peace of mind. Except for few changes to accommodate Government’s guidelines, our life is the same 80% with or without coronavirus. And our Guru’s teachings are the main reason for us to say this. So, what are those teachings which are helping us greatly?

  1. Self  Healing: We are doing self healing everyday where we are applying Energy Healing protocol to enhance our immunity and to take care of respiratory system . This step is keeping us physically, emotionally,mentally strong. This takes 20 minutes per day and these 20 minutes are worth the investment. It feels so refreshing and rejuvenating after self-healing session. As I am practicing self-healing everyday, I realized Energy Healing is a great tool for lazy modern man who wants to do everything just by sitting. With Energy Healing, there is nothing much to do except for sitting nicely and working on Chakras. How cool it is to de-stress, remove anger and tension, feel happy, build virtues like hard-working nature,honesty, heal diseases, remove laziness etc just by sitting and moving hands? Amazing, isn’t it?
  2. Healing and blessing family members: My husband and I have huge list of family members and not all are Energy Healers. So, we are doing minimum healing for the entire family members and blessing them everyday after our self-healing practice. This takes us 5 minutes. This step gives us the confidence that we are doing our bit and rest is in the hands of divine and our family members.
  3. Meditation: We are doing our meditation coupled with Energy breathing, gratitude, forgiveness and blessing atleast 5 days in a week. It takes 45 minutes of our time in a day. These 45 minutes are giving us below benefits
    1.Inner peace
    2.Harmonious relationships
    3.Ability to accept the situation as it is
    4.Gratitude for blessings in life
    5.Trust in divine
    6.Stress reduction
    7.Emotional strength
    8.Mental strength
    9.New ideas
    These benefits are helping us to handle various issues and challenges that are coming our way.
  4. Service: Our Guru has strongly emphasized on service as a tool to build good karma. Good karma is extremely important in life to lead a life of peace and joy. As such, my husband and I are busy with our full time jobs. With whatever little free time we have after taking care of cleaning our home and cooking(no maid at home now), we are using it to do whatever little service we can do. Service is occupying our time and mind and not leaving us much time to think or worry about future. In addition to good karma, service gives inner joy, new learnings, new opportunities. It removes the problem of passing the time. Simplest service anyone can do from anywhere is to bless the world with Great Invocation prayer. You can also join the group great invocation or group meditation we are doing on Zoom to bless the Earth.
  5. Tithing: Our Guru has taught that donating 10% of one’s income(which is called tithing) to charitable activities is important in life for one’s prosperity and good karma. My husband and I have come from childhoods full of financial struggles and it was challenging for us to tithe. But we started tithing due to our mentors Ruchi Sanjil and we have reaped financial gains and peace of mind because of this practice. This practice gives us the inner confidence that if at all that day comes where we lose jobs because of recession, divine will show us some way.

These are the five practices that are greatly helping us in these troubled times.In addition to these tools, there are many other tools given by our Guru like – Blue triangle and inner reflection, shielding, mantra chanting,book reading, prayers etc that can be used daily. Hopefully, some day, I will become more efficient in my life and practice all the teachings given our Guru.

Whether corona or no corona, we realized that when we practice our Guru’s teachings regularly, our investment of time and money is rewarded with returns like good health, prosperity, harmonious relationships, peace. Some times, inspite of seeing many miracles in life with our Guru’s teachings, our faith gets tested in the face of troubled times. That’s when a strong positive community like Inner Wellness Circle comes to help. Lets stay connected and in touch and swim through together in these times as one community.

If you need any help in practicing the above 5 teachings, please feel free to email me at or whatsapp me. There are many zoom sessions that are being conducted by IWC Service team to facilitate people to practice these teachings of our Guru. Please check these sessions.

We all have a choice in life – to go through difficult situations in with panic and fear or peace of mind and its upto each one of us which choice to make.

Sarve jana sukhino bhavanthu

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  1. Govardhan

    All these days I was thinking that I am too busy and could not afford time to spiritual practices. Now in this phase of lockdown I am stuck with probably laziness and unable to decide what to practice out of so many teachings that were kindly given to us by our beloved master. However your posts and work definitely keep us motivated. My son is practising basic self healing in your group. And I am conducting a basic book review session for him daily by masters grace. Hope we will read and complete basic book before end of this lockdown period. God bless both of you with much more. So be it. GOVARDHAN

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