How Energy Healing helped us with Monkeys

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This incident happened to me an year back and I can never forget this. This incident taught me how essential Energy Healing is in one’s life. So, here it is.

5 of our family members went for a trip. We went to a remote location close to more nature. Ok, this place has a lovely river, nice stay, mountains. Everything is fine. Our stay in this place is completed and we are supposed to go to our next destination. We packed everything and were happily walking on the bridge. We placed all our mobiles in one bag as we had luggage in 2 hands. All of us are happily conversing and walking. One of our family members became compassionate seeing a baby monkey and offered a banana.Now, this became a huge problem to us as this baby monkey brought 30 more monkeys in a minute.

By the time we even understood whats happening, we were surrounded by around 30 monkeys of all sizes and ages. We had to leave our luggage there and then and run to our vehicle placed a little away. Monkeys started opening our bags and started throwing all things here and there. Now, my concern is about mobiles because all our mobiles are in one bag and we dont even know how to get out of this location without google maps. What if a monkey opens the mobile bag and throws it down into the river thinking its useless?

My husband made all the physical efforts possible to handle this situation. He spoke to the resort staff. Staff had a stick but they said they cannot handle such a big group of monkeys with stick because these monkeys can become ferocious and attack the person with stick. He requested some more people around but everyone said they can do nothing. He himself learnt self-defense mechanisms since his childhood but what can he do with 30 monkeys? He is not a tollywood or bollywood hero to do some magic.

I was sitting in the car. 30 minutes already passed by(each minute felt like eternity) and nobody knows when these monkeys are going to leave. I started praying to God thinking this is the only thing I can do in this situation. An inner voice said – “Why are you just praying? Use Energy Healing. Give Blue Prana.You are taught how to cook and when you are hungry, you should also cook, not just pray. So do Energy Healing.” I started projecting blue prana(taught in TEH Level 2) to the chakras of this group of monkeys. I projected Blue prana along with instructive healing(taught in TEH Level 2).

Within 5 minutes, monkeys calmly dispersed. Food items and clothes were scattered here and there, which is fine. Most importantly, our mobile bag is left intact. We collected our luggage and continued our journey.

This experience has taught me how invaluable Energy Healing is. My husband knew self-defense, staff of the resort had stick, many people were around, we had money with us but none of these could help us in this situation. Only Energy Healing could help us. Immensely grateful to Color pranas and their properties(taught in TEH Level 2). Thank you God and all the great ones for empowering me with Energy Healing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-Contributed by Geethanjali Balachander

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