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A few years ago, after a knee surgery gone wrong, I found it very difficult to walk or climb stairs. There was a constant pain and this caused a lot of irritability. Added to this was work pressure and household chores. I used to be anxious for small things.  Life was one big challenge. At a time like this my sister  came as a beacon of light and introduced me to Therapeutic Energy Healing. After doing a few courses  and applying the techniques of healing I could see dramatic results – not only did  the pain disappear but my capacity to bear pain improved so much that I could hardly feel pain even when I was hurt. I was able to walk easily  and with psychotherapy was able to overcome anxiety. 

Therapeutic energy healing was a great learning for someone like me who was more of an intellectual and though aware of energy healing was not one who consciously took it seriously till I experienced results. Not only could I heal myself , I could heal my family members as well when needed. It was a real boon during the time of Covid  when I was able to help a lot of people with healings.  

I was so inspired by the way Ruchi and Sanjil conducted the course and explained energy healing in detail that I attended all the courses they conducted and with each course I was motivated to learn more and more. As a result, I found myself on the spiritual path in no time at all.

 IWC’s courses on Inner Alchemy yoga was an eye opener into the path of spirituality. When I started on the path, along with new learnings we were introduced to different meditations. They were very helpful in removing my anxiety. Initially I used to do the meditations whenever I found the time or the inclination. We also had group meditations and in one such group meditation a co-meditator introduced a challenge for doing meditations regularly for 100 days. I joined and the challenge and when I started doing my meditations regularly I found myself very peaceful and was fully charged through out the day. It was super easy to deal with day to day problems. I continued doing regular meditations  even after the expiry of 100 days as doing meditations became very important for me and  it became a part of my lifestyle. I found a lot of satisfaction in all aspects of my life. The best part was not only did it help me personally but my family was also benefitted. I found that anything I wanted would happen on its own without any difficulty. Relationships improved, my career progressed and I was the most sought-after person in the office. Over a period of time, I was able to give up work and do things that I wanted to do. 

I was also able to review all the Therapeutic healing courses and the courses on Inner Alchemy yoga.   During the reviews I found that Ruchi and Sanjil had taken a lot of effort to improve the content of the courses and with a lot of animations the concepts were very clearly explained.  I also realised that with each review I learnt more and more and got deeper insights into the learnings

The courses on Inner Alchemy yoga are the most valuable courses one can get, to experience a deeper understanding of the Self , to understand why certain things happen in our lives and what lessons have to be learnt. Practicing the techniques regularly helps us achieve what we want in our lives. 

 For anyone who wants to experience change, to overcome challenges in their lives be it health related, wealth related or for improving relationships with others – spouse or children or if you want to get a deeper understanding on what this life and life beyond  is all about, I strongly recommend that you join IWC and try out their courses. 

A heartfelt thanks to IWC, Ruchi Sanjil  and all its members for transforming lives.

-Contributed by Hema Baskaran

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