My 2 recent experiences with Psychotherapy

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I learnt TEH Level 3 or Psychotherapy in 2009 but did not practice it actively in my life for many years. Basically, I was lazy and did not practice it. I started practicing it seriously only in the last 4 years. I am a professional healer and one of the many benefits of this profession is it gives me a chance to practice healing in a wide variety of situations. Like every other profession, this profession too has success and failure. In this blog, I am going to share 2 recent successful experiences I had with Psychotherapy.

Experience 1: 15 days back, 2 of my friends called me on 2 different days and surprisingly,both of them had same problem. They are going through challenging situation in their marriage. They were quite depressed and cried. They were in a very bad emotional state as they were suffering for quite some time. Now, I am just married for 6 years and I am no marriage counsellor to give them counselling or suggestions on marriage. These 2 friends are far more experienced in life than me. I listened to them and asked them to try psychotherapy for their marriage. They both followed the suggestion and the result: in few days of applying psychotherapy, their conflict in marriage is resolved and their life is back to normalcy.

Experience 2: 1 month back, one of my healing clients got in touch with me and asked for help. She recently lost her husband suddenly and was struggling to cope up with the situation. She was going through intense grief and helplessness. Its not easy to cope up with the loss of a family member. I applied psychotherapy on her to remove this grief and in 10 days, she reported that her grief has reduced considerably and she is able to get back to her life.

These 2 experiences with Psychotherapy amazed me and increased my respect and gratitude for this subject. In life, it is common to have up’s and down’s. It is common to go through challenging situations. Psychotherapy is an amazing tool that we can use in these challenging situations.It has the power to heal marriage conflicts, grief, anger, traumatic experiences, stress. I apply psychotherapy on myself twice a week to remove pent up emotions of the past, stress, anger, negative thoughts(we dont need challenging situations to practice psychotherapy. It can also be used as a preventive tool) and after the session, I experience intense peace and lightness.Truly, it is a great gift given to us by higher beings.

Thank you all the great ones for blessing us with these priceless teachings. Please bless us to apply these teachings in our daily life and transform our lives. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

-Contributed by Geethanjali Balachander

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  1. Uma

    The day we finished phycotherapy class my daughter poked her right eye
    With something

    Could not open her eye
    I had to go to medical shop and got medice
    Put the drops
    And in the night i did her healing
    Morning slight redness reduced
    Ofcourse i was putting drops
    At reIgular intervals
    But I thought i need to take her to the doctor
    : But thank god from morning i did her healings of both eyes and Agya chakra
    : 3 times a day
    After that her eyes are fine i haven’t gone to the doctor

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