A miracle with Energy Healing

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This blog is contributed by Prachi Phadke

My refrigerator was not working since past 7 to 8 days.We were managing somehow since we don’t need ice or cold water.But in a day or 2, we realized that leftover milk is spoiling,cooked vegetables are spoiling(though we cook limited in these times of corona lock down).Raw veggies were stocked for a week. So many things actually are in freezer that we don’t realize how slowly these all would start to spoil.

My husband and I tried every info from the net like clearing vents,switching off and on,keeping for sometime in coolest mode and all. It did not work.In these troubled times where no service is also available and no new refrigerator can be bought,I was desperately looking for something which will work.

Yesterday, I suddenly remembered seeing one message from someone in our IWC group where she said she had used Energy Healing on her phone and it worked. So yesterday evening,I cleaned the trays,wiped the doors and cushions on doors and did Energy Healing.I visualized that tomorrow when I open the fridge, I will see ice formed in trays.

Morning, first thing, I went to the kitchen and saw some dark black water below the refrigerator.Maybe from the condenser. I confidently opened the freezer and guess that? There was ice formed in the trays!Thanks to Guru and Ruchi Sanjil’s teachings, I am happy to say that the refrigerator is working perfectly and I am so relieved.

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  1. Preeti Jawarani

    Prachi this is such an amazing experience.Your believe and strength works.

  2. Unknown

    Prachi it'the inner strength n power

  3. All powers are within us only.. intention and the belief matters. I am eagerly awaiting for this kind of meracle in my life too.. thanks for sharing.

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