10 things I loved about Antaryatra 2022

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Recently, IWC conducted AntarYatra(Read more about this event here). After covid, this is the first spiritual retreat I attended and I loved the experience. Here are the 10 things I loved about this event.(These are not the only things I loved but to keep the blog simple, I limited myself to 10 things).

  1. Time Management: Some days before the event started, Ruchi Sanjil published the detailed schedule of the event. We all have seen many schedules and we know that in a group event, schedules are not followed as planned. But I am amazed that in AntarYatra, schedule is executed as planned. There is a perfect alignment between planning and execution. Wow! I wish someday I reach this level of alignment in my personal life.
  2. Balance between intensity and relaxation: Meditations are intense and at the same time, there is enough time to relax and recharge. I loved this fine balance.
  3. Group Meditations: Meditating in a group is quite different from personal meditation. I loved the energies, deep stillness and some inner experiences I had in these meditations. There are many powerful and regular meditators in the group. It is my privilege to sit in their aura and meditate along with them.
  4. Loving energies of the group: I personally know many people in the group and it was heart-warming to meet them in person. It was humbling to be surrounded by so much of love. I felt like I was sitting in a big pond of love and happiness for 3 days. It is magical.(I can still feel the love as I am writing this blog.)
  5. Brilliant Sessions: Ruchi Sanjil took us through different topics of IAY Level 2 and shared brilliant insights. These sessions deepened my understanding and enhanced my clarity. As always, PPTs are great and sessions are engaging.
  6. Pitra sadhana: In this session, I experienced very deep level of stillness and silence within. I did not want to come out of this meditation .It was very satisfying to do something meaningful for my ancestors in this pitra paksha.
  7. Food and accommodation: Food is amazing with wide variety of choices. Accommodation is great. It felt like a perfect vacation in nature away from the city life. Of course, it was challenging to be moderate and disciplined with food. I over-indulged(better luck to me next time.)
  8. Gifts: Oh! Gifts were great fun in the event. They brought out the child inside me and kept me alert.
  9. Post-meditation exercises: wow! These exercises are unforgettable. Sujatha, Radhika, Sushma, Divleen, Prama(fantastic energy healing and yoga teachers of IWC) added life, fun and joy to these exercises in their unique style.
  10. Therapeutic Yoga Session: I developed a bad cold and I was a little concerned as it is a group event. I did this yoga session and my cold vanished like magic. It felt great to do yoga in fresh air, under the sky at Sunrise time.

These are the 10 things I loved about the program.

Lot of planning and effort by Ruchi Sanjil, volunteers and participants went in to make this event a beautiful event. I feel blessed and privileged to receive these blessings and love in my spiritual journey. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You each and everyone! Thank You God , Higher Beings and Ruchi Sanjil for your continuous shower of blessings! Looking forward to my next spiritual retreat.

Sarve jana sukhino bhavanthu!

-Contributed by Geetanjali Balachander

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