8 Self-Care tips in Covid times

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I thought covid wave 1 was a tough time but wave 2 is many times tougher than wave 1. Some of my relatives, friends are affected by covid and everyday, I keep coming across instances of young people dying due to covid. It is quite saddening. It is just not me but all of us are going through the same journey. And at times, all this can be quite overwhelming and depressing. Being an Energy Healer, I am fully aware that prolonged negative emotions eventually take a toll on the physical body. Hence, it is important to practice self-care in these challenging times. This self-care should include our physical body, emotions and thoughts.

Below are some self-care tips that are helping me cope up with covid wave 2. I hope they help you as well.

1.Taking bath with salt soap: Salt water bath is highly beneficial to keep our aura clean on a daily basis and to de-stress ourselves. It recharges us physically, emotionally and mentally. My mentors Ruchi Sanjil are quite innovative. They came up with a brilliant short cut for salt water bath. It is using salt soap for bathing. This soap is made with Himalayan pink salt and essential oils like neem oil, tulsi oil, lavendar oil. It is quite refreshing and rejuvenating. I totally loved it as I don’t need to spend any extra time for salt water bath and even on busy days, tired days, I can still take salt water bath. Even non-Energy Healers can use this soap and be benefitted. You can buy this soap here.

2.Meditation: These are the times bringing sad news and at times, it can be quite depressing. Everyday, I conduct a group meditation session at 9 AM to 9:35 AM IST for my own mental health and inner peace. Around 25 of us meditate as a group. The gratitude practice, affirmations, visualizations and the entire meditation process makes me happy and peaceful. These 35 minutes recharge me and prepare me for the day. No matter what’s happening in life, it keeps me grounded and balanced. It makes me start everyday as a fresh day without the baggage of the past. So, I recommend everyone to meditate in these times and take care of emotional and mental health. Stress levels can lower immunity and happiness can boost immunity. So, taking care of emotional and mental health is important.

3.Cords-cutting: This is an Energy Healing technique taught in Level 3. Cutting the negative cords before sleeping is very much needed as we come across many kinds of news and experiences through the day. Practicing this technique relaxes me and helps me to have an undisturbed sleep.

4.Eating to boost immunity: I am quite passionate about food and its effect on the body after I have seen how my mother is healed of her high BP, thyroid and diabetic neuropathy by changing her diet. From various books and videos I came across, I learnt that eating before Sunset and doing intermittent fasting for 14 to 16 hours boosts immunity by 5 times. Isn’t it amazing? Strong immunity is very much needed in these covid times. So, I practice intermittent fasting of 16 hours(from 6 PM to 10 AM) and close my dinner by 6 PM to boost my immunity naturally. This also helps me sleep early and wake up early most of the days. (Some days, I go to my old patterns of late night sleeping but 90% of the days I sleep by 10 PM). So, taking care of food in these times is very important. What we eat, when we eat, how much we eat – all these impact our health, immunity and joy in life.

5.Arhatic breathing practices: In covid times, its very important to take care of lungs and breathing. Breathing techniques taught in Arhatic Prep-2 course are quite powerful in terms of their benefits. They are not only de-stressing but also strengthen the lungs and respiratory system. I have cured myself of my 25 year old asthma by practicing Arhatic breathing practices and 5-tibetans for 3 months. So, I recommend all Arhatic Yogis to practice these breathing techniques on a daily basis. If you are not an Arhatic Yogi, you can practice deep breathing on a daily basis. This is also beneficial.

6.Applying Healing Mate to Chakras: Healing Mate is another great innovation by my mentors. It is a panacea and quite handy when you are short of time to do healing. It is relaxing and rejuvenating. I apply healing mate on my chakras before sleeping as it helps me relax and have a deep sleep. It also boosts my chakras and keeps them in good health. You can buy healing mate here. Below is a testimonial on the miraculous healing power of Healing Mate which emphasizes the importance of using healing mate on a regular basis.

Power of IWC Healing mate in covid case

“Healing mate has worked miraculously in one of my relative’s case who was dignosed with covid. She is 48 years of age, asthamatic and on bp medication. From the very first day she got her covid positive report ( in fact when the symtoms of cough, cold, fever started) she started with Healing mate, immune boost and anti-link oils. She also regularly took anti link salt foot bath. The results were magical. She was not able to get any proper Doctor’s assistance or medication due to overwhelming rush in these hospitals. But with these oils she was miraculously cured within 11 – 12 days. She is in perfect health right now doing all her chores.
I have seen very good results in few of my other acquaintances also who have used these oils during their covid ailment. The recovery rate is definitely faster. Thank you so much Ruchi Sanjil for such miraculous discoveries” – Prama

7.Some form of physical exercise for 45 minutes a day: We are all staying at home and can easily slip into sedentary lifestyle. Its important to exercise our body on a regular basis as our physical body is designed for movement and not for sedentary life. So, I do simple walk for 45 minutes with mantra chanting or positive affirmations. I also do some intense exercises at times(but its not regular). This movement keeps me active and energetic. You can do any form of exercise that keeps you active physically.

8.Taking care of Vitamins: Vitamin D and B12 deficiencies have become common and these deficiencies can lower the immunity and weaken the body. They also bring in various diseases. Now, we are predominantly staying at home and this can lower Vitamin D levels. So, I take care of my vitamin levels. It is also recommended to get these vitamins tested on a regular basis and take supplements if needed.

These are some self-care tips that are helping me in these covid times. We don’t know for how long these times are going to stay. But what each one of us can do is to take care of ourselves and stay strong. Sometimes, we cannot understand the reason and big picture behind certain events like covid. In such times, our inner strength helps us walk the journey of life. Keep this inner strength bright and strong by practicing self-care.

May the entire world be blessed with good health, prosperity and peace. Sarve jana sukhinobhavanthu!

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