Why you should not meditate!

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Yes, you read the blog title correctly. Its – Why you should not meditate. This blog is outcome of my recent experience. I have been regularly meditating for some time and 40 days back I thought – “Life is going smooth. Whats the need to meditate regularly? I will take break from meditation for some days and read books, watch youtube and just pass my time care-free”. So, with this thought, I stopped my meditations and even though my husband was reminding me to meditate, I was like – “no, you meditate. I am on break”. My break started with peace, happiness and ease. Eventually, in a matter of 15 days, my life changed dramatically. Below are the differences I have noticed in myself  during this break.

  1. Earlier when I was meditating, I  could handle difficult situations with ease. Now, even small situations irritated me and I lost my temper frequently
  2. I went through stress. Its not like situations in my life became tough. They are almost same with minor changes. But I felt stressed out and I could not enjoy books, youtube and break period as I planned earlier
  3. My relationships with others went through strain because I became impatient and judgmental
  4. Earlier, everyday was fun with something new to experience. Now, everyday felt like a drag and monotonous and it felt like – Oh! one more day
  5. I felt I lost my connection with my Guru and I felt great void in my life without his voice guiding me. My void felt like the state of a child lost from his parent in a market filled with strangers.
    6.I saw a different me filled with stress, anger, irritation and I wanted to distract myself in stuff like reading newspaper , watching tv etc
  6. Earlier life was smooth and effortless. Now, it felt like full of effort and hard work

Below are the lessons I learnt from this break period.

  1. Earlier when i was meditating regularly, I was peaceful and relaxed most of the time and I thought these are my natural qualities. In my break period, I understood the truth of my mind’s state.I understood I need to work diligently on purification and I also understood my peaceful state was the outcome of regular meditation
  2. I understood that life is tough without regular meditation. Yes, I can live through life without meditating but it will not be so joyous and fun.
  3. Earlier, I used to think – “why some people who are struggling in life dont meditate?” and I used to give my free suggestion – “meditate” without truly understanding their pain.Now, I can empathize with all those people who dont meditate. I can understand their life and pain and how tough it might be for them to go through stress day in and day out.
    4.Most of us realize the value of food only when we are hungry and we realize the value of health only when we are sick. So, sickness and hunger are important too. To realize the value of meditation also , one might need to go through life without meditating. So I realized not meditating is a great teacher which teaches the value of meditation and Guru
  4. My biggest learning is I learnt the value of regular meditation. I understood its like a shower which keeps my mind healthy and refreshed and I understood I cannot afford to take a break from meditation for more than a week.
  5. I understood the greatness of my Guru and his teachings and this break period made me fall in love with my Guru much more deeply.
    7.I understood no book or movie can give me as many benefits as meditation. Yes, its wonderful to read books and watch movies but not at the cost of meditation.

So, these are the benefits I gained by not meditating and learnt not meditating also has its own benefits. I hope I become regular at my meditation very soon and enjoy life in its full glory filled with the sweet voice of my Guru.May every person who want to meditate be blessed with the inner strength to meditate regularly and may they reap wonderful benefits of meditation.

Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!

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