The story behind tears

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This blog is contributed by Balachander.

(Below incident happened one month ago.)
Today morning, I went to a nearby supermarket with my niece and nephew to buy household products. It is a big list prepared by my wife to accommodate monthly home needs.We starting picking listed items from the store, one after another.Suddenly one lady who works at super market was walking around with tears in her eyes. I felt bad seeing her tears and wondered if anyone hurt her in someway.I prayed and blessed her for speedy recovery from this sad situation.

After that,we started moving further to pick remaining items and my nephew and niece are also helping me in this task to get it completed soon.My nephew came near to me and murmured that another woman employee is also crying. OMG. I felt something is wrong in the store and it troubled me to see multiple women employees in tears.As the environment is not peaceful and sad, I decided to skip some of the items and finish my shopping quickly.

When I went to corner of the store to finish my shopping ASAP, I could see group of women employees, whose eyes are filled with tears and a store manger speaking with a smile. Seeing the store manager, I felt an urge to tell him strongly to take good care of the women employees but I just controlled myself as I dont know the actual scenario. I could not listen to their conversation.

We are hurriedly done with our list and went to the bill counter. Again I see another woman employee standing at the counter with tears in her eyes. This was too much for me . I have some rapport with her as she greets me every time I visit the store.I felt she would be the right person who can help me understand the reason behind everyone’s tears.

When I asked her the reason, she explained that it is the last working day of store manager and they are all sad because such a great manager is leaving the store. This manager supported and respected the employees very well which made all these employees cry when he is leaving.I felt happy and relieved to know the actual reason behind these tears and felt great respect towards this manager who made such a tremendous impact on the employees around him.

I have been working in IT industry for more than a decade, I never dropped a single tear when my manager left the company.In the last 3 years, 3 managers moved , but there is not a single time my eyes were filled with water. Not only this, Since I started my IT career, I moved out of 2 companies and I could not see a single person who cried or shed at least one drop of water when I left.

This store manager taught me a great insight on how much happiness one can bring into the lives of people around.Human relationships are very important, whether it is work, or family.When we take good care of the people around us, they keep us in their heart with love and gratitude.It was heart-warming for me to see this beautiful human being who touched lives around him.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu.

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