My friend – There is hope

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This blog is contributed by Hema Baskaran.

Are you down with the blues?
Yearning for the bright hues.
That was life only a month ago
But now which seems a lifetime ago
My friend we have a long way yet to go

Are you looking at pictures of the beautiful road?
And wondering when you can lighten your load
Like the empty road and be relieved of the daily chore
Waiting for things to get back as before
My friend the wait is a long one to score

Are you wondering how to cope?
Lifestyle changes forcing you, to look ahead with hope.
The courage to face, you will find inside,
The current challenges now will provide,
My friend a new path for you, to use as a guide

Are you pondering if this is even possible?
Will things ever come back to normal?
The time to be a new you, is before you.
Use it to think through,
My friend your life, you can review.

Are you looking forward to each new day?
Waiting for someone to show you your way,
Don’t look out, look within, to reflect
On your wonderful talents, the weaknesses, you can correct
My friend, in you, there is a great deal to expect

Are you enjoying your true nature?
Doing new things, you had put away for later
Admiring your loveliness, seeing yourself in a new light
Everything just seems right
My friend may you always be filled with delight

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  1. Govardhan

    Nice . Thank you 🙏 GOVARDHAN

  2. Ritu

    Very nice 👌

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