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You are currently viewing 4 LESSONS I LEARNT FROM TOILET-CLEANER

We hired toilet cleaning service and a person came to our home to clean the toilets. He started his work. It took him almost 2 hours of work to complete cleaning 2 toilets(It’s a very tough job). During the same time, 2 of our friends came home and they are also spiritual seekers. So, we were discussing various things related to spirituality. We had good conversation for 2 hours and the friends left.

After the toilet cleaning is completed, this person asked my husband – what are you people discussing about? My husband said that its about spirituality, mantras, Guru etc. Then this person said that he is also into a spiritual path and he took initiation in a mantra from his Guru. He mentioned about the spiritual practices he does everyday and he emphasised how important it is to practice spirituality in daily life. He spoke quite passionately. He taught me and my husband a new point about chanting which left us amazed.

This experience impacted me profoundly. Below are some lessons I learnt from this interaction.

  1. You never know who is practicing what form of spirituality. Spirituality can be practiced in many ways and it can blossom in anyone irrespective of one’s profession, gender, social status, age,education background, caste, religion, nationality etc. So, having a bias towards anyone is pointless.
  2. You can spread the teachings in any situation. This person came to our home to clean the toilets. Along with that, he has also spread the teachings of his Guru.
  3. Be open to learn. Knowledge and wisdom can come into our life in unexpected ways.
  4. Treat everyone with as much respect as you would treat your Guru because you really don’t know who is at what level of evolution. That enlightened person or a Guru may come in the form of anyone.

My teachers taught me one important thing – Be very generous with the people who help and support you like maids, cleaners, drivers etc. So, we gave him a generous tip and he left. Along with the toilets, this man also cleaned our hearts.

May God bless him and his family with good health, happiness, prosperity, spirituality, peace. May he progress spiritually and materially.

Sarve jana sukhino bhavanthu

-Contributed by Geethanjali Balachander

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  1. Gita

    Amazing reality check Geethanjali! Thank you for sharing.

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