Karma Choice is Ours

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When I was a little girl,my mother always used to tell me and my sisters this story.

She used to tell us that when we are born, we all come with a basket🧺 on our heads.In this basket is our share of downloaded Karma, whatever it is in whichever form.She said “beta always remember- in this life, we are constantly filling this basket on our head. We fill it with our words, our thoughts, and our actions. When we are saying good, thinking good and doing good, imagine you have placed beautiful big white flowers in your basket. When you fill it with bad words, bad thoughts, and low actions, imagine yourself pouring filth in your basket . Over time when this basket will fill up, it will spill with whatever you have gathered all these years. If you have filled it with flowers, you will be showered with waterfall of flowers. If you have filled it with filth , then that will spill on you. ”

When I got married at a young age, into a family of 23 members staying together, my mother’s words of wisdom helped me create a life in which most of the times, I remembered her words and kept filling my basket with flowers.There were times when I forgot her teaching and added filth. Those were very tough times in my life.

This story is for the world to share. May we all fill ourselves with flowers, may each one be showered with the most beautiful flowers of their good Karma, and so be it.

-Contributed by Rittu Dhawan

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