4 lessons my T-Shirt taught me about life

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You are currently viewing 4 lessons my T-Shirt taught me about life

Sometimes, life’s profound lessons are taught through very ordinary circumstances. Here is one such ordinary situation involving my t-shirt which taught me a profound lesson.

One fine day, all my t-shirts piled up and I did not wash them. I completely forgot and I realized it on the day I needed t-shirts. I was mildly irritated. And then my husband said – “you face this issue because you have very less number of t-shirts. Why don’t you order new t-shirts? your problem will be solved.” His logic made sense to me and I bought 4 new t-shirts to solve this problem once for all. I thought this time I will never be short of t-shirts again.

Two months passed by. And then, again, I got the same problem. All my t-shirts are waiting for a wash. I am amazed. Earlier, at least I could say I had less t-shirts. Now, I have no such reason to blame. So, I was forced to analyze this situation and I learnt several lessons out of this analysis. Below are my learnings.

  1. Accumulating more is never a solution to a problem. I bought 4 more t-shirts and I still faced the same problem. Even if I would have bought the entire shop, I would still have faced the same problem after a point of time. Why? Because my real problem is lack of discipline. If I were disciplined enough, I would have managed efficiently with even two t-shirts. Instead of working on my discipline part, I was buying new t-shirts. How will this approach of accumulating more solve my problem?
  2. If a person is disciplined in one area, he/she will be disciplined in all areas of life. Now this t-shirt made me think about my whole life and I could see lack of discipline on my part in many areas of my life. (I am not judging myself but its a honest realization of my flaws). I could see a tremendous scope for self improvement.
  3. External situations are never the problem. Problem lies within. Many times, we think – I wish i had a different job or more time or more money but these are not the real solutions. Real solution lies in the mind and we need to work on our mind rather than trying to change external situations or people around us. “No time? Learn discipline. Lack of money? Learn efficient management of money. Unhappy with spouse? Learn patience and acceptance. Unhappy with your boss? Learn teamwork. Don’t ask for more time or money or new spouse or new boss” – This is what my inner Guru advised me about life.
  4. Change your inner world. Your outer world changes.Inner world comprises of our thoughts, emotions and energies.Every aspect of life like career, marriage, finances, health, relationships and quality of life can be transformed when we work on our inner world.

These are the 4 lessons my t-shirt saga taught me.

I read above 4 things in many books, heard from many Gurus but when I experienced these teachings through a situation , the lessons went deeper into me. After this experience, my acceptance of life’s situations improved and I am more peaceful. Now, I know whom to blame when I get irritated or angry or disappointed(its me). And I also know what to do to solve these problems thanks to the many teachings I received like Energy Healing, Meditation, Blue Triangle, Law of karma, etc to change my inner world. All I need to do is practice, practice, practice. Thank You Guru for everything.

Sarve jana sukhino bhavanthu!

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  1. Anu

    Very well written. I liked the line
    ……….Real solution lies in the mind and we need to work on our mind rather than trying to change external situations or people around us.
    Thank you friend!

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