Vajra Stool


While sitting for a prolonged period of time in Vajraasana posture, if body isn’t properly supported,  one eventually ends up experiencing aches and pains. When that happens, instead of focusing on meditation, we tend to focus on pain and discomfort.

Vajra Stool is designed for sitting in Vajraasana posture comfortably reaping the benefits.


Vajra asana – The Transmutation Pose (Vajra + Asana) pumps the  sex energy to the brain and upper chakras. It has numerous health benefits

  • Including long healthy life, 
  • strong physical body and 
  • intelligent mind, improved concentration
  • Activates and strengthens digestive system
  • Improves the experiences of Meditation & Pranayams

The essence of this posture, it presses certain important points near the base of the spine, which is the cause of the transmutation of sex energy  and many other benefits. But sitting in traditional way is not just challenging but also has several postural disadvantages.



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