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Herbal medicine preparation with herbs and flowers, aromatherapy essential oil bottle and mortar with pestle on hemp paper background. Top view.

In order to create awareness about IWC Aromatherapy, last week we asked IWC Aromatherapy group members to tell about their experience with the workshop and the value of the knowledge with its practical usage. Responses were overwhelming.  This blog is a collation of their experiences as shared by them enthusiastically.


The unique color prana properties of essential oils comprise is equivalent to the healing energies we project through various technique we have learnt so far. The aroma of the oils and the effect of healing rate is very effective. Through aromatherapy course I learnt using and combining essential oils to heal myself and dear ones easily and the recovery period was much faster combined with pH and some without pH. It’s a savior, aids in faster recovery.


If you want any therapy then try aroma therapy, live it and feel it.


Learning aromatherapy introduces a person to mother nature’s healing power. It empowers a person to heal self and others in less time.


Really useful when you have small/growing children who often get sick due to infections from the environment. Something so simple, effective and divine is available instead of feeding our children with antibiotics and medicines.


Want to avoid harmful effects of chemicals then apply nature’s gift in the form of Aroma therapy oils.


AROMATHERAPY – A PERFECT GIFT GIVEN BY NATURE TO MANKIND AS AN ALTERNATIVE HEALING TOOL. To protect themselves from arising ailments in this busy life. Easy, handy, and safe to use.


1.       simple to use, even for young children or untrained users

2.       easy and convenient to carry along during travel

3.       excellent support for psycho-somatic conditions

4.       nil or minimal side effects even on long term usage


Works like a charm . Easy to use…  Just apply. Safe and highly effective. Cured hemorrhoids for me – Gopinath

We use healing mate all the time for any minor headache, pains etc., And other oils to deepen meditation.


Aromatherapy is God’s gift to Mankind🙏 Feels it’s mother role in the world of energy healing


Diffuser using Aromatherapy oils can help in spreading Aroma in entire home. Aromatherapy oils can help in cleansing the place


Aromatherapy…benefits are vast can cure anything

Kanwal Jatinder

Aromatherapy oils are extremely powerful healing oils.  We all know that color prana is more powerful. These oils give the effect of color prana and makes healing very fast. Our whole family, friends and extended family members are using these aroma oils and keep reordering from IWC.

One can also create very effective creams and other products from these essential oils. The aromatherapy manual gives loads of info to create new products based on ones personal choices and problem areas. Aromatherapy course is definite- must do course


Aromatherapy improves the health of the body, mind, and spirit and space you live


Aroma oils have been prepared innovatively by Ruchi Sanjil very effectively blending the empowering knowledge of Energy Healing bestowed by Guru and the inherent properties of the essential oils. It provides miraculous healing. It is very effective for the common ailments like fever and cold as well as uncommon skin related issues. Healing mate is one such product which gives relief almost instantly for several ailments. Amazing array of products have been prepared at IWC which is surely a boon to mankind. Aromatherapy course is the most creative extension of miracle healing using Energy healing.

Sudha Srinivasan

Protect your family with the love and power of mother nature – Aroma Oils. Come & Learn the Science of Healing through most powerful & beautiful gift of Mother nature – flowers. The Science of Aromatherapy is the wisdom of nature from Ancient Civilizations of India, Egypt, China, Greeks.


Aromatherapy gives us awareness on natural healing material available in plants around us. Its usage is vast as we research and apply. A few reasons why one may learn aromatherapy are:

– Understanding and usage of color prana available in plants to heal ailments.

– Application of advanced energy healing techniques in coming up with solution in the form of essential oils

– Knowledge and procedure given on how to make oils, soaps, sprays, many more beauty products on our own

– Easily acceptable approach for people from non energy healing back ground.

– It will also help in enhancing not only healing of patients but also the surroundings where healing happen


Aromatherapy – Miraculous Healing remedies for your Needs. Come, Learn – right kind of information about Aromatherapy.

•             In this course, you will learn about the potential role of Essential Oils in Holistic healing.

•             Improve your knowledge with the detailed insights about essential oils.

•             Scientific and historical evidence of therapeutic qualities of Aroma oils

•             Practical applications of aroma oils in day-to-day life

•             Can experience amazing results in physical, emotional health and improves mood.

•             You will learn properties and benefits of commonly used essential oils – in detail

•             After completion – you can prepare your favorite blends

Aromatherapy – Holistic healing for Mind, Body, Spirit


IWC Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to learn and experience the power of blending essential oils… The IWC Aromatherapy Book is a Treasure Box for Inner and External Wellness…Many Thanks  Sanjil and Ruchi for these Awesome Divine Teachings I am so blessed…I so value all your teaching’s…Thank You…🙏


You can apply directly on skin & feel fresh entire day.


A very effective course which helps in reducing the healing timing. While traveling also this knowledge comes very handy for ailments like stomach upset, insect bites, hurt, pain or headache.

Aromatherapy has completely changed my life by enhancing my meditation experiences, maintaining a positive environment at my home, increasing my prosperity and also, of the people around me. Ever grateful for this wonderful course 🙏🏼🙏🏼


Aromatherapy is a beautiful and a very effective course. Thank you Ruchi and Sanjil for it. The peace, calmness, joy and the complete bliss its knowledge has brought cannot be put down in words. Go for it to experience it.



·         Connecting to nature

·         Therapeutic

·         Easy to learn and implement

·         Handy

·         You can create your own customized products.

·         100% Pure and natural

·         Easy to use

·         Increase energy level

·         Get benefits of all 4 pranas in 1 Oil.

·         Self healing tool for healers .

·         Cost effective (For ex.- cedarwood1 oil many benefits)

·         Works on your body, mind and soul.

·         Miraculous effects in day to day life.

·         Time saving give quick results.

·         Eco-friendly

·         You can Enhance healing powers

·         Enhance love-making environment with aroma oils.

·         You can apply to whole family/Friends (Child, Adult, senior citizen)

·         Cure diseases like fever, mensuration cramps, knee pain, Influenza, stomach upset and many more.

·         Mood uplifting

·         One can start hand -made product business

·         Help us become “swadheshi”

·         You can make environment of your home/office soothing (for ex. In Japan diffuse lemon oil in offices to increase alertness among workers)

·         You can also apply in ceremonies

·         (I used rose spray in my engagement ceremony to create loving environment)

·         Advance energy healing practical application

·         Helps balancing chakras

·         It is Not just oil it’s a Divine Nectar


We all know and very well versed with the empowerment we got through energy healing. Aromatherapy course is complementary to energy healing. The knowledge gained in this course helps us in many ways in day to day life. Everyone will fall in love with these oils and blends. A must attend workshop for everyone. Thank you Ruchi Sanjil for this wonderful course and priceless knowledge.


Aromatherapy is a great gift of mother nature. It simplifies healing and can be used even by non energy healers. It helped my mother immensely in her day to day life. Our family used these products for body pains, burns, insect bites, enhancing meditation experiences, for deep sleep, cough, cold etc and we have experienced miraculous results. Our family favourite is healing mate. My husband and I have gifted these aromatherapy products to our relatives who are non energy healers and all of them loved these products. I feel every home should have atleast one aromatherapist. Thank you Ruchi Sanjil for coming up with this great course and wonderful products.


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