8 lessons I learnt from my mother’s diabetes reversal

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Ever since I came to know that diabetes can be reversed with the help of right diet and one can go off the diabetes medications, I wanted my mother to be free of diabetes. I have seen many negative impacts of diabetes on her health and desperately wanted her to be free from this disease. So, my journey of reversing her diabetes started last year September and today, on Sep 24th 2021, her sugar levels are normal without any medication. It took me an year to see this miracle. In this year, I learnt so much, tried numerous things, faced many disappointments and finally, tasted success. Oh! I am on cloud 9. Here are the 8 lessons I learnt in this journey.

1.Diabetes can be reversed: My mother had diabetes since 2013 and in 2020 August, her legs were impaired due to diabetic neuropathy. She was bed-ridden. In the last 1 year, I tried various diets on my mother like Sharan India diet, Khader Vali’s diet plan, Dr.Manthena’s tips. I studied a lot about these diets and implemented on her. Due to all these changes, her sugar levels came from very high level to pre-diabetic range. Her diabetic neuropathy, which is medically incurable, is healed and she is able to walk again. Her energy levels changed and she became healthier. But diabetes reversal still eluded me and I wondered – is it really true that diabetes can be reversed? Her today’s result taught me – yes, diabetes can be reversed. Now, I don’t have any doubts about diabetes reversal.

2.Diet plays a very important role in healing: With diet changes, I have seen my mother’s health change drastically in a short span of time like few weeks. It amazed me to see the important role played by food in health. My mother’s journey taught me how to fall sick and how to be healthy. I care about my diet today lot more than earlier.

3.A buddy makes it easier: It is definitely challenging to implement diet changes. The diet plan that worked for my mother excluded oil, diary products and included 80% of raw or steamed vegetables, 20% whole grains(We did not come to this diet plan in 1 step. It took many experimentations to reach this formula). My mother loved oily and spicy foods, diary products and initially, it was quite challenging to change the diet. To boost her morale, I also followed the same diet like her and motivated her with my experiences. Before I proposed a change in her diet, I always tried it on myself for few days and gave it to her only after I made sure that it is decently tasty. I think this approach made her journey easier. It is always easier to have a buddy along with you when you are walking on a tough path. Today, she does not need my moral support. She is many steps ahead of me in eating right and now, she tells me what to eat and what not to eat. I am proud of her transformation.

4.Every one’s healing journey is unique: I tried every diet plan with the hope that it will reverse her diabetes but no plan, alone, helped her. When it came to her, miraculous diets failed to reverse diabetes. Her health improved but reversal did not happen. I was disappointed many number of times in this 1 year and sometimes, I felt, I should stop this mad search for diabetes reversal. But the adverse effects of diabetes did not let me give up. So, I experimented and experimented and finally, found the diet that works for her body. I learnt that every person’s healing journey is unique. What works for one person may not work for the other person.

5.Vegetables are healing angels: Today, I see vegetables as angels. I value and respect them. They are the ones that helped my mother come out of diabetes. Everyone knows to eat lot of vegetables in a day but very few people actually practice it. I learnt that if we can eat a lot of vegetables either in raw or steamed form, our health can improve drastically in few weeks. For my mother, its 80% of raw and steamed vegetables in a day. She consumes them in the form of smoothies and steamed vegetables sprinkled with herbs and spices.

6.Expert help is invaluable: For right diet, we should consult with organizations working on diet to reverse diseases. This expert help makes a great difference in healing journey. Three great experts on using diet for disease reversal are – Sharan India, Satvic Movement, Dr.Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury. They guide us how to carefully work with diabetes reversal. Each diet plan has its pros and cons. One can start with any organization.

7.Don’t give up: Now, an organization may claim diabetes reversal in 3 moths but when you actually try the diet plan given by the organization, it may not give the result. At this stage, many of us give up. Don’t ever give up your search for good health. If this diet plan did not work for you, there could be some other plan. If you keep searching, eventually, life will bring solutions to you. Mother nature has all the solutions. All we need to do is not to give up.

8.Good karma is very important in healing: All problems in life have solutions but for the solution to reach us and give us result, we need certain amount of good karma. When we don’t have sufficient amount of good karma, diet plans fail, medicines don’t give results and healings fail. I encouraged my mother to work on her karma account everyday through meditations, chantings, blessings and prayers. I reminded her of law of karma(taught in TEH level-1 class) and suggested her to practice forgiveness. I personally believe that her diabetes reversal happened only after she accumulated sufficient amount of good karma.

So, these are the lessons I learnt from my mother’s diabetes reversal.

My gratitude to all the great organizations, mentors, buddies and my boss who supported me in this journey. My immense gratitude to my Guru and God for their support and help. And mother nature, I cannot love you and thank you enough for the beautiful miracles called vegetables.

Sarve jana sukhino bhavanthu!

Note: I am not an expert on diabetes reversal.

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    Wonderful insights. Definitely health is in our control if we adopt a wholesome living.

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