From being Bed ridden to being Full of Gratitude

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Below blog is contributed by Meenal Sharma



My name is Meenal Sharma and I have been enlightened to the practice of Energy Healing and part of the wonderful IWC Friends, IWC Service Team and Alchemy Yoga whatsapp groups for last few years. I want to share my experience of long illness in my back. Since 2015, I have had repeated episodes of back pain which would render me on bed rest for a week or 10 days. I used to heal myself only when I was comfortable or would attend a class or hear a nice experience but normally, I just wouldn’t do it for myself. This year, March, something different happened. Because of a spinal dislocation, I had an excruciating pain in my leg which initially got me bed ridden for 12 days and then after a recovery of 5-6 days,it relapsed for another month. I was locked down during lock down. Right from 18th March all the way to 21st April, I was unable to walk properly and do my bare minimum work also.

Though, our karma hits us so bad some time, good karma accumulation does count. While I was on bedrest, it was the best time of life since I got married as for the first time, since I got married, my parents came to live with me and got stuck here too. My mother spent a very good amount of time with me. It was a very unique bonding time despite the fact that I was immobile for most of their stay. I received very good care, my child got a lot of grand parents’ time and my husband had time to bond with his in-laws which was not possible unless the lockdown was declared. It being a lockdown period, my business work was not doing much due to ecommerce shutdown and everything seemed to be just timed right for my illness and subsequent recovery.

How did I recover?

1.       Initially, I was doing my meditation lying on the bed and used to heal myself. After 10 days of subsequent healing, there was no difference in my pain- it aggravated from time to time.

2.       I consulted some senior Healers and understood that my body might be too weak to heal itself. So I might need someone else to do it for me- which happened for a while but I had to stop it as doctor had put me on steroids to recover and I was not sure if I should continue with external healing. So I continued to meditate and heal myself

3.       After relapse, I had kind of started losing hope. We were not able to find a doctor to diagnose the problem and my pain was not subsiding. Nothing seemed to work.

4.       I stayed in that pain for 20+ days and found a physiotherapist who could visit me to help me relieve my pain. Even that was not effective.

5.       At the end of all my wits and therapies, I did my sharnagati one day followed by invocation and that day, one of my healer friend called and we started talking about things that will work for me- one of them was FORGIVENESS. I was not sure, but when I heard the logics, I was convinced that it is possible that I was not getting healed because of my own angers and frustrations that had pent up over last 6 years.  I started with FORGIVENESS daily with intention to forgive the people who had hurt me

6.       My healer friend also began to heal me- not just for my back spine and leg, but also psychotherapy to ensure that at some point I am regular with my practices and self healings.

7.       I recovered flat in 4 days!! Yes, I am not exaggerating, the healings were so miraculous which were coupled with FORGIVENESS prayers that I was able to start walking in 4 days. By 10th day, all the pain was gone and I was still limping. 15th day, I stopped taking medicines and by 21st day I was able to do all my household chores.

My gratitude to my healer friends who blessed me and I used the blessing prayers as Affirmations (Thank you Pratibha, Naina and Deepti), my healer (Manuji and Hamsaji) and my friend (Prashantji) who helped me with arriving at a point of awareness where I understood the root cause of my pain in my psychological make up and helped me get rid of any anxiety towards recovery. I thank Sudheer, Geethanjali and Balachanderji for DAILY ENCOURAGEMENT messages. I cannot thank Ruchi and Sanjilji for being my life and organizing the GANGA RETREAT where I made very good friends in Energy healing world. THANK YOU ALL , for helping me sail through such a difficult time when my body was also not supporting me and all I had was support of family and friends!

As a part of repaying my gratitude, I am starting a Whatsapp/ zoom call to do Forgiveness and Inner Reflection for 15 minutes everyday. I will be sharing the details soon about the group. I hope I can be as helpful to my energy healing friends as they have been to me. I have received so much help during my difficult times, that the power of service, tithing and good karma has come face to face with me and I have many answers to the questions I had in my mind.

Gratitude ! 

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