My experience with blue triangle

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This blog is contributed by Sudheer

(Blue triangle is a technique taught in Arhatic Prep-2)

Before mentioning about my experiences and improvements through Blue Triangle(BT) for Accurate Perception and Correct Expression – APCE(Shortened the names for my ease of writing J), I would like to give my deepest gratitude, respect and love for our beloved Guru Choa Kok Sui who blessed us with this simple yet powerful technique to facilitate inner purification. His teachings, writings and techniques are ever great and easy to follow!
Few months back, I was a soul with fear to express my ideas, opinions, feelings and decisions. Root cause for this fear was low confidence levels and a thought pattern I built over past many years that people may perceive my expressions in a wrong way(In a way, my perception about people was wrong J).Though I did my Arhathic Prep-2 an year back(2017), I couldn’t start practicing my learnings until mid of this year. One of the reasons was my laziness and was pretending to be a very busy person on this earth with no time to practice Guru’s teachings.
Finally, with Guru’s grace and blessings right after retreat this year (August), I could start my BT on APCE on September 1st and completed my 90 days on November 30th. During this period, I have seen tremendous changes in me in terms of perceiving things, understanding and expressing them in a better way.

This virtue includes different aspects about honesty, non-lying, pride, discernment, superstitious beliefs, accurate perception, correct expression… I see myself with significant change towards all of these. I, particularly, want to mention about pride as when our perception and expression levels improve, one might tend to get into this maya of pride and start feeling everything we perceive is right. So inclusion of getting rid of pride balances it all. Discernment is another important aspect that plays very important role in our day to day lives to understand what is right and what is not in specific to the situation. What a blend of characteristics Guru incorporated!!
  I might continue to write many things on this but want to stop here and quote a couple of improvements I have noticed in me with this technique.

  1. During any discussion with my near and dear ones, I used to simply follow what they say without expressing my opinion. My recent observation is that I am putting forward my opinions and at the same time open to listen their thoughts better (I would not say completely, further improvement yet to come).
  2. At work, I used to be confused a lot to take forward my ideas & making decision according to situation when multiple options present in front of me and the thought pattern was there could be better decision(Missed the logic that there will be always better ideologies and thoughts, that doesn’t mean the current one is not worth a try). I am noticing a shift in me now that this is a good idea, work on it, let me express it, understand what others say and decide on executing it as much as accurately.
    My deep gratitude, respect and love….
    ·         To our Guru for such an amazing technique to get rid of inner weaknesses.
    ·         To Ruchi Sanjil ji for introducing, nurturing and encouraging me in taking up higher courses.
    ·         To Geetanjali ji who helped me to understand the importance & effectiveness of Blue Triangle during a discussion few months back.
    ·         To all my spiritual buddies who have been helping and motivating me to learn and progress in this beautiful path.

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