My experience with 100 days of Arhatic Practices

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This blog is contributed by Shefali Sangal


My sharing of My Upgradations!

After having read Geetanjali didi’s article on 100 days meditation, I decided I too needed it! As I had started my Arhatic meditations 30 days prior, felt that I needed to have greater impetus and work in my Arhatic practices. So, I spoke with Geetanjali didi, at length, and took the sankalp dedicated to Prosperity, in my current scenario. And so the Sankalp started. In the first 10 days my energy level and creativity came to a new level, and I was able to design course in Ayurveda from a different but more holistic approach. I received my prosperity gifts from different directions unexpectedly too!

In the month of December, with growing prosperity, constancy, and multidimensional expressions enhanced, also I had many new situations rapidly come my way, calling my attention. It was quite challenging, I told myself, this time ‘I am going to cross over’ and took mentoring of Geetanjali didi and Shalini J, both Healers and Transformers (in their abilities to be ‘channels of divine’).Together, they facilitated me ‘be aware’ of the ‘new consciousness’ and the practice of ‘new thought-translate into words, and actions too’. In this process, my intuition developed rapidly and self-doubt, flight/fight mode dropped beautifully. With this inner growth my December month completed, and I entered January,2021 with the rigorous practice of ‘ Being the Witness’.

I moved to Kerala to live with my-in-laws and my husband. In January I saw that my finances were so easily happening for me, as also my ability to connect with my In-laws too. Each month saw greater rooting, and harmonizing in every dimension of my being. From work, to relationships, to my intellect, intuition, my commitments, my dedication, my ability to cooperate and adapt in new environments. Below are my experiences on different dimensions.

My Physical Energies– I have immense energy, am untired and able to do multi tasks through a single day.
Creativity– Every month I upgraded abilities to create my courses, treat people, paint, sing, create games and handle situations around me.
My Relationships– Upgraded with me! Trust, happiness, understanding increased with my husband and In-laws too, aligned with Spirituality. Meditation, Yoga were welcomed and easily accepted in the family.
My new behavior– My old ways of reacting in relations, in the form of flight or fight shifted to ‘Witness Mode’, which I am practicing diligently even now. Rather than worrying about what ‘wrong’ can happen, I began the practice of seeing what good has come out of every ‘so to speak unwanted’ situation. My trust in my Gurus’ has been established. The feeling of being guided, protected all the time is there. Growth of Intuition has brought me confidence immensely!
Prosperity Growth- I had aimed for 70000/month as the amount required. With my continuous tithings, my Financial Prosperity improved beautifully.
Expressions and Implementations- All my skills gradually came out, one by one from Aromatherapy, to Yoga and Naadi Pariksha!

The journey has been simply beautiful! These Manifestations have brought the confidence, that the Laws of the Universe if practiced, give immense strength, and life is a ‘friend’. Along with me, my sister also completed 100 days of Meditation and another friend of mine started and a couple also started the process. And I was able to introduce Energy Healing to another friend of mine. I feel transformed, prosperous with increased ‘loving kindness’, witness mode, balance with transforming relationships and greater abilities to ‘give’.

Thank you so much!

With love,

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