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Being humans, it is common to have problems in life. Sometimes, these problems can be overwhelming and we wonder how to solve them. Before seriously pursuing the path of Energy Healing, I was also overwhelmed with the problems in my life and I did not know how to solve them other than praying to God. The only solution I knew was prayers.

In 2012, when I was going through suicidal tendencies, I approached my mentors Ruchi Sanjil for a solution and they suggested me to do 100 days of meditation. I did not think whether I can do it or not. I just wanted to do it because I was desperate for a solution and I completed 100 days of meditation. After that, my suicidal tendencies were gone, I became happy in life and life started making sense to me.

This was a turning point in my life because this experience taught me that with 100 days of meditation, I can solve the problems in my life. It is not difficult to spend 30 minutes per day in meditation. I don’t need to keep fasting. I don’t need to chant for hours. I don’t need to wake up in early morning. And my mentors did not tell me that I have to do perfect meditation to get results. They just told me to meditate for 100 days. When I was going through suicidal tendencies, it was tough to focus on meditation even for 5 minutes but I sat in meditation whatever it was and I still got my result. So, I don’t even need to aim for perfection in meditation.

I felt very empowered after this experience. Be it resolving issues in my career or finding right life partner or enhancing my relationship with in-laws or buying my dream home, my solution has always been 100 days of meditation. And it gave me results every time I used it. In my journey, I understood below things about this practice of 100 days.

  1. Add tithing(donating 10% of income) to 100 days of meditation for better results.
  2. Women can practice meditation even on days of periods. Periods are dealt very objectively without any kind of taboo in Energy
  3. Healing(this is one more reason why I love my Guru. He has freed me from years of conditioning I had about periods).
  4. If you fall sick during 100 days, please stop meditation and take care of yourself. Don’t meditate when body is sick. We need to listen to our body and regain health. Health is very important in the journey of spirituality.
  5. There cannot be a gap of 1 or 2 days in these 100 days. If you are really serious about your goal, you need to dedicate 100 days for the practice. 100 days is nothing compared to the problems of life.
  6. Keep one sankalpa or goal for a period. Trying to solve too many problems in one go may or may not work.
  7. If problem is tough and is not solved by 100 days of Meditation on Twin Hearts, go for 100 days of Arhatic Schedule. This takes 1.5 to 2 hours per day but it is a guaranteed way to solve any problem in life. I was struggling to find arhatic yogi as my spouse and 100 days of wellness meditation did not help me. So, I practiced 100 days of Arhatic Schedule and eventually I found my arhatic yogi and got married. How will you know you should go for arhatic schedule? Start with 100 days of wellness meditation. If it does not give you the result you are trying for, then it is an indicator that you need to go for arhatic schedule. Some karmas are tough and they need solid practices like arhatic schedule.
  8. I realized that I can solve any problem in my life if I apply 100 days of Arhatic Schedule. Sometimes, we think some problems are unsolvable but we never know till we try. I thought BP cannot be reversed but I could reverse it for my mother. I thought I cannot find arhatic yogi as my spouse but I found him. I thought I cannot retire early from my IT job but I retired. I thought I cannot buy a home in gated community if I want to retire early from IT but I bought it. Nothing is impossible when we take the help of divine and practice Alchemy Yoga. You can have any problem like health issue, wealth issue, relationships issue. It does not matter what it is. We can solve it with the teachings of Energy Healing and Alchemy Yoga. I realized that there is nothing called impossible in this path and it empowered me greatly.

These are some things I learnt about 100 days of meditation. If you are struggling with any problem in life, I invite you to try 100 days of wellness meditation and tithing(donating 10% of your income to charity). What great day than to start this from today? “Today” is always a great day. You will definitely find a way out by the time you complete 100 days. I personally know many people who could solve their problems using this approach.

Thank you Ruchi Sanjil for introducing me to the magic of 100 days. Thank you Guru for all your priceless teachings.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu!

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  1. Anonymous

    great message brother…from pk nhaveen


    It is a guidance from beloved Master. Thank you.

  3. Shalini

    Thank you for writing this down.
    I shall start it from today itself.

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