How thoughts affect us

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This blog is contributed by Hema Baskaran
At any moment in time, there are many thoughts going on in our mind, some which we are conscious of and some which are not even aware of. So, what is a thought? It is a form of mental energy that is created by the person who has the thought. The energy in the thought causes a vibration which is passed into the environment or to the person to whom that thought is directed. Sometimes you feel very happy and sometimes you feel quite low. Have you ever wondered why? Just stop and think what were the thoughts that were passing through your mind when you were happy and what were the thoughts that were in your mind when you feel sad
First of all, let’s put in perspective why is it that a person feels low. It is to do with the thoughts that are floating in his head at that point of time. So, who is the creator of the thoughts – is it the people or situations around you or yourself?  It is easy to say that you think a thought because of a particular situation or that thought just comes to you. But it is not so. A thought comes to you because you create it – maybe in response to a situation. No thought can just come, it is what you create.  Ok, why are we talking of thoughts? Because thoughts are what create feeling. So, what you think makes you feel in a particular way. If you think good thoughts, you feel happy and if you think sad thoughts you feel sad, if your thoughts create anger to something or someone, you start feeling angry
So not only do thoughts create feelings but thoughts are also things. How do we say that? It has been scientifically proved that every thought we have -good or bad – has a form and this form stays in our aura and influences our feelings. Experiments have been conducted using water. They used to project thoughts into water and cool it to form ice. They found a difference in the shape of the ice crystals based on the thoughts that were projected on it When you take a glass of water and project good thoughts or prayer into it the ice crystals formed had a beautiful structure and if bad thoughts such as anger or hurt was projected it formed irregular crystals and did not have a proper shape.

You can notice the difference in the pictures below.


It is said that in earlier days ,people used to carry their own water with them whenever they used to travel or even when they go to someone’s house.  The is because water is easily influenced by thoughts. It is said that if people in the dining table are talking of anything which is not good like criticizing others or being judgmental, elders would throw out the water in the glasses and take fresh water. This is because the water you drink and the food you eat easily absorb the thoughts of the people in the surrounding and when you eat or drink that, they influence your thinking.  That is why the holy water or charnamrit given after prayers or after homam or in a temple are significant because that is the water which has absorbed the prayers and mantras, so it influences positive thoughts in us
Another aspect of thought is that it is energy and it can send out a vibration. It is because of that, the thoughts of one person influence the thoughts of an another. It is said thoughts have no barrier for time and place. They can travel any distance to reach an intended person. If you send positive thoughts to people, you will have good relationships with them. For example, if you are angry or irritated with someone but you speak normally to them you might find that they may not respond in the way you want. It is because your internal thoughts and feelings about them have already reached them and even though they do not know why, they will not feel like responding positively to you.  Such is the power of thoughts.
Have you noticed that there are some places where you feel calm, the same goes for being with some people with whom you want to spend more time? This is because these people are constantly sending out vibrations of love, acceptance and kindness.  In some places and with some people you feel disturbed.If you look deeply within yourself with awareness as to why you avoid some people, it is because of the vibrations they are sending out which may be negative and we may detect them unconsciously.This same idea can be used to improve relationships or work environment. If you have to get a good outcome from a meeting or improve relationships with people at work, it would be best to send them positive thoughts even though they do not send positive thoughts to you or even if they feel very strongly negative about you. If you continue to send positive thoughts to them, in spite of knowing that they are not doing good to you, there will come a time when without knowing why, they will start feeling good about you and your relationships will improve. Try it as an experiment and see.
The same goes for difficult meetings. When you know you are going into a meeting which would be difficult to handle, try blessing ( sending good thoughts to) every member in the meeting room and you will find that people will feel good about talking to you and it would change the outcome of the meeting in your favour.
Remember you are the creator of your thoughts. If you can create good thoughts about yourself, any situation or other people, you will be able to change yourself, change the situation and change other people. It is all a matter of a simple thought. So, if any situation seems uncomfortable, look within and see how you can change the situation to become more comfortable, just by changing your thoughts on the situation.Why do people go to the temple or any other place of worship? In the temple and in other places of worship, on account of regular prayers being chanted, there are positive thought vibrations which influence the thoughts of people who visit there.
So, you may ask me – you are telling me to generate positive thoughts about others but then what about poor me who has to bear the brunt of all the negativity around? Well, you first need to understand that there is no poor me- that means you are sending negative thoughts to yourself. You need to understand that before you send positive thoughts to others you need to first send positive thoughts to yourself. You can’t do the following, criticise yourself, be judgmental about yourself, put yourself down, blame yourself for any situation that does not work. Because that will weaken your soul power. You need to look for ways which would strengthen your soul power.

Some of the ways you can do that are the following:

  1. Every morning when you get up or even before you get up, start thinking of all the  good things that are going to happen today. Even if there is nothing, you need to create the thought and start to feel happy. You need to get out of bed on a positive note even though you may have nothing to feel positive about
  2. Spend a few minutes at the beginning of the day counting your blessings. Be grateful for even the smaller things in life. Look for things to be grateful about. There is no positive energy that has a greater frequency than gratitude and blessing.  Bless the people in your life. Like I said earlier, even if the person is against you, keep blessing them with nice thoughts.
  3. Spend some time on meditation – it means calming your mind, and not letting your mind focus on anything else other than the Supreme power for few minutes. It is like charging your phone. Through mediation you are drawing on the higher power to come to you to help you to handle the situations you are going to face during the day. This 5 – 20 mins of meditation will provide the power to face your day. Specially, the twin heart meditation will not only give you the inner power but will also help you to transmit positive energy in the form of blessing to the world and people in your life.
As you give so you get. All this will give you the positive energy that you need to face your day. So, use your thought power to help you and the people around you.

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