How learning Healing changed my life

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I,Vijaya Sathish, want to share my journey to join/start Energy Healing. Story is long and might be most of us have undergone / undergoing the same :

We are basically from Hyd and moved to Pune in 2016 Jan on Job requirements. Life was happy, fun with roaming in & around Pune. Our life changed in Dec 2016 when my husband met with a very bad accident while coming back from office at 2am along with his friend who was driving the 2 wheeler. It took 6hrs for his surgery to complete and he had very bad Right Leg Fracture(which was broken into small pieces). Post surgery, for 2-3 months, he could not keep his leg on ground. He was just limping. I had to travel once in 15 days for his treatment to Hyd by Road (driving all by myself) in the night along with my husband and 2 kids. We somehow managed to get him walk after 6 months of treatment. But till date almost after 5 yrs, he is not able to walk properly nor stand. His entire body posture changed and he started looking like aged person. We tried many medications, numerous hospitals, treatments but all in vain .

In March 2021, we were in Hyd for our daughter’s tennis tournament and during her coaching,met one of the parent there who was also an Energy Healer. By seeing Sathish(My husband), he offered us help to heal him completely in a month’s time. We were happy to listen and told him that we will connect with him once we reach Pune. Once we reached Pune, lock down started and apart from office work, we had nothing much to do. My husband and I though that why can’t we ourselves learn Energy Healing and try.

We enquired in Pune and when nothing worked out, we approached the same person who offered us help to let us know any PH trainers who can teach us online. We were then introduced to Mrs.Geetanjali Balachander. She was so kind enough to explain and guide me about the course & benefits of PH. I joined her free meditation classes well before joining the Basic PH. I did it for 5 days & felt so relaxing. Thought of joining the course to overcome all my fear which was in me over past 1 year due to Covid pandemic. There was lot of negative news, sad news & hell lot of whatsapp messages which never allowed me to lead a normal life. On top of it, WFH(work from Home) situation was quite demanding.

Geetanjali told classes will commence from May 5th and I was fully prepared for the same, but suddenly class was cancelled as there were no participants. I was all sad and felt bad thinking there is no way for me to come out this pain and there is no way to help my husband. But I had a strong intention to do the course. So, may be my strong will power to do this course changed the situation. Geetanjali pinged me at 10:30 PM that class is on as there are 2 more participants who registered.

So, finally, I attended the basic energy healing class. After 2nd day of my training I started practicing all the methods and techniques taught to us in the class and was very happy following those. Not just me but I made my husband & kids also practice some of the techniques like salt water bath, energy breathing. crossing legs & hands to overcome sad/bad news. Also I started healing my daughter who had lot of pimples, my son who had all disturbed sleep in the nights and also my husband with Stiff neck, entire spine problems. With just my 2nd day of training, I could heal my daughter & son and also my husband. My husband could sleep sound in the night without pain after many years. My daughter’s pimples were gone and my son had good night’s sleep. I need to work further on my husband’s body posture and complete relief from the pains.

I also completed my Arhatic Prep1 and enrolled for Advanced course. Below are some more changes in my life.

· I started conducting Wellness Meditation to my family, friends & neighbors during morning and evening.

· Weekly thrice, my self, family members & friends are taking salt water bath.

· Kinds and myself are practicing Super Brain Yoga.

· All my family memebers and myself are practicing energy breathing.

· I am continuing healings.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Geetanjali and Inner Wellness Circle for helping me come out with maximum problems of mine both physically & mentally. I urge others also to learn Energy Healing.

*Contributed by S.Vijaya

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  1. Govardhan Thanniru

    Great begining. Masters blessings be with you. Keep sharing your experiences to PH family. I am sure you will become a great instrument of divine help to many.

  2. Pratibha Chauhan

    So amazing to hear such stories ☺

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