How does it feel to rise above anger?

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The concept of equanimity fascinated me greatly. I was introduced to this concept by my Hindi teacher when I was in eighth class. He was talking about Bhagavad Gita and spoke on this topic. Since then, I wanted to be composed and free of anger in any situation but it was not easy for a highly emotional person like me. My nature is to become angry very easily and to justify it. It took me many, many years of spiritual practices, introspection, lot of reading and life’s lessons like 3 Kg Tomatoes technique to rise above the emotion called anger.

It is almost 2 months that I responded in anger and in these 2 months, it looks like my anger came down to almost zero. So, how did my life change with this? Below are the changes I noticed.

  1. My mind stopped finding faults in others and situations. It understood that there is no use with fault-finding because no matter what, I was not responding in anger. So, what is the use of finding faults? This has freed my energies from criticism.
  2. My meditations have become deeper. Quality of my meditation has changed and it has become more peaceful and enjoyable.
  3. My relationships have transformed. No arguments, no criticism, no fault-finding, no blaming.
  4. My forgiveness issues have become zero.
  5. My mind is anticipating about things that can go wrong in various situations and plans are made on how to handle them. This has helped me greatly because I am prepared for anything.
  6. With the coming down of anger, my other weaknesses like ego, pride, jealousy have also come down drastically.(Yes, I have these weaknesses and working on them since years to rise above them).
  7. I feel stronger and more empowered. It feels like a kind of freedom because I am no more chained by anger.
  8. Seeing my transformation, my husband is inspired and he decided not to respond in anger. Because of this, our marriage has become more beautiful. We are now disagreeing with each other peacefully. We are more respectful towards each other and our home has become a peaceful place.
  9. I have become emotionally more stable and balanced.

I always thought manifesting my goals like dream home, dream job, dream life-partner etc. is the most beautiful thing in life. This is the first time I understood that there are many things more wonderful than such goals and one such thing is rising above anger. If this much can happen with reduction of anger, what more can happen in life when I rise above my laziness, excessiveness and other vices? I cant admire my Guru enough because he is the one who taught me in arhatic prep-2 course on the need to build virtues and remove vices. He gave concrete techniques like blue triangle, inner reflection to work on these weaknesses. And he gave these techniques without any kind of judgement. He is the coolest person I ever met(well, I dint meet him physically but I met him through his recorded lectures, books, quotes and my meditations).

Thank you Guru for everything. Please help me rise above my other weaknesses too.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu!

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