Coronavirus: What can we do?

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We are living in tough times.I thought the situation we had during lock down as tough but the real test started now. Coronavirus cases are growing crazily across the country and in many gated communities, cases are increasing. On top of it, there are other challenges we all are going through collectively like – loss of exposure to outdoors, loss of income,constant staying at home,sad news around and so on.

In such times, unless one has trained his/her mind systematically, it is common to feel worried and sad. It is common to feel frightened and stressed. But our negative emotions will not change the state of coronavirus. They only tend to weaken our immunity. Many studies have proved that stress and negative emotions lower the immunity of our body.

So, what to do in these times? Below are some pointers I am practicing for my own well being and I think they will help others as well in some way. Here they are.

  1. Acknowledge the seriousness of the situation. By this I don’t mean you should become paranoid and worried. It just means that – don’t be careless and live in illusion that you will be fine even if you go out without any precautions. Life does not give any guarantees.
  2. Don’t go out for any reason. Try to manage with whatever online options that are available. If you need to go out for unavoidable reason, wear a mask. Take all the necessary precautions.
  3. Don’t watch or read news about coronavirus continuously.It only depresses you. Allocate 5 minutes per day to know what is happening on coronavirus end and leave it there.
  4. Do some form of physical exercise everyday atleast for 15 to 30 minutes. This could be taking a walk in your hall or balcony or doing these simple physical exercises at or some form of online yoga. Physical exercises work positively on our organs, chakras and the entire system and improve health. They improve our mood too.
  5. Practice meditation daily or at least alternate days. Meditation gives us inner strength to face the reality and trust in the divine. It brings us joy, relaxation and lowers stress. IWC Wellness meditation, conducted for free at 9:30 AM and 6 PM IST online, boosts your immunity and helps you stay calm in these times. Details of these sessions can be found here.You can practice this meditation or any other meditation that appeals to you. But do some form of meditation.
  6. If you are an Energy Healer, please revive your healing skills. This is the actual time to practice Energy Healing. Energy Healing system has excellent protocols to enhance immunity. Follow these steps and take care of your immunity regularly. Prevention is better than cure. So, dedicate the time needed for healing. If you need any help on this and are looking for guidance, details of these can be found here.
  7. Try to stay positive. Magic practices of Rhonda Byrne are great way to constantly engage your mind in positivity. Watch inspiring or comedy shows and movies.Read positive books. Engage yourself in some hobbies close to your heart. Positive state of mind helps tremendously in this time. Keep your mind engaged in positivity.
  8. Sleep well. Sleep also has great impact on our immunity.This is not the time to compromise on sleep.
  9. Take your multi vitamin tablets regularly. Healthy level of vitamins helps in our immunity.
  10. When atleast one person in the family starts radiating positivity, other family members too gain the courage and stay positive. So, spread positivity in your family as much as you can. This can happen only when you infuse your mind with positivity.
  11. When you hear about coronavirus cases in your neighborhood, don’t panic. Think what you can do in the situation and do your best. Leave the rest to divine.
  12. Take immunity boosting foods like concoctions with various ingredients, leafy vegetables etc.
  13. Play some mantras or positive and uplifting music in your home. Music can brighten our mood and make us feel good.
  14. And in the worst case scenario, if there are some symptoms of coronavirus within family, don’t become depressed. There are lakhs of people who overcame coronavirus. Believe in your body and divine. Stay strong. Take medical help. Continue healthy habits. Go in quarantine.Also get Energy Healing done by a professional healer.

These are some pointers.

Strong immunity, positive thoughts and emotions,safety precautions help us walk through these times. So, lets take care of ourselves and our family members in the best possible way.And lets not forget to laugh, stay positive and feel grateful.May all of us be blessed with strength on physical, emotional,mental, spiritual levels to walk through this phase.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu

P.S.I am aware that flowers are not related to Coronavirus and it is a wrong picture for this topic but I wanted to cheer up the readers of the blog and added flowers ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Anu

    Nice encouraging words, filled with positivism and hope. We all need this more now. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Prama Sahay

    Very appropiate solutions. Many you keep on radiating love and peace always.

  3. Dimple Simple

    Very informative
    Today morning due to unavoidable reasons my and me went out.
    We had mask and I carried sanitizer with me.after lockdown today first time I steped out of my Home.
    When we came home i was little worried because the placevwe went more people are affected,I took bath washed all my clothes.

    My dad was saying first stop thinking about coronavirus .
    People get more affected due to panic.
    So do not get panic.
    My dad also told be normal.
    As i do mediation it is helping me to keep my mind in peace.
    Thank u so much for beautifully explaining
    Love and light
    Dimple Simple

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