Well executed workshop

Hi Ruchi, Sanjil,

Hope you both are doing well and no wonder in that 🙂 I was part of Basic workshop conducted
on Sep 27 & 28. Overall the workshop was very well executed. It was amazing to know about Pranic healing.

Thanks a ton for giving me an opportunity to be a part of the workshop. The teaching intent was
for wellbeing, healthy mind and body, the workshop was a mix of theory and practical, I
wondered how these two days passed.

All these years I assumed only enlightened saints and gurus can only heal people. It was stunning
experience that common people like me too can also do miracles. Here is my experience on my 1st healing to my Nephew – Adhavan who is 3 years old:

1. Couple of days back I called up requesting healing for Adhavan suffering from mild fever and
weakness, probably it was the onset of a viral.
2. I was encouraged to give it a try myself and was guided with the protocol explained in the
3. I healed Adhavan that night and next day morning the fever completely reduced and the child
was playing with full energy

It was a start. Again, my mother was not getting proper sleep. I did General Sweeping for my
mom who had good sleep that night. It always gives us complete satisfaction and cherish when we heal others and I wish each one of us like me experience this 🙂

I am eagerly waiting for the next level Workshop; after certain amount of practice.

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