Well equipped presentation

Dear Sanjil & Ruchi

Let me start by thanking you for the wonderful workshop you organized for our batch on the
27/28 Sep 2014…. from providing a very homely atmosphere which is most conducive for ease
of assimilation, to a well equipped Presentation and Workshop room for the professional touch,
aesthetics and comfort all combined. I was never skeptical about the power of healing through
the manipulation or rather channelizing of the Healing energies which abound the universe and
everything around us…(what I didn’t share at that time with the group…the topic never came
up….I am a Reiki Healer myself–though not been practicing since a long time now).

What struck me most was the simplicity with which explanations to most of the complex terms
and phenomenon were given by you… whether it was the demonstration of ‘seeing’ the aura of
a person, or understanding the Chakra system, or the explanation to the law of Karma, it was
so simple to understand after you explained these things. Even more than the execution, I
would like to place on record that, I ( and am sure my entire group) was absolutely delighted
with the simplicity and sincerity of purpose that you both displayed….way to go and lots to
learn from you both.

The informal chats relating to our workshop and connected issues with
the Pharma world were an eye-opener and something we all should ponder about and do our
bit to break their unholy nexus. I had been busy, so my apologies for not writing in earlier.

Thanks for the wonderful experience. look forward to the next level

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