Thank you Healing

Deepti has been doing healing of me and my family for some time now. The results are nothing short of miracle and the range of problems it can cure is amazing.

I have been treated for covid without antibiotic and fever was gone in two days. My husband had severe covid symptoms and we started healing little late but after healings started he recovered in 2-3 days. He had severe post covid weakness till one month after corona but two days of healing and weakness just vanished. Recently me and my daughter caught cold, she had throat pain. She has tendency for throat infection from childhood and always after taking antibiotics it’s cured. This time in two days without antibiotic the infection went after healing. Have been seeing the results like magic.

One more incident is worth mentioning. My sis in law had suddenly got back ache night before traveling to her home town for chatt pooja. She had to also do pooja and is pretty rigorous with lots of preparation and fasting. She was so worried that she will not be able to even travel. I got her healing done that night. She got so much relief that not only she travelled but did pooja also very easily. There is no way with pain killers the back pain could have been cured but with healing it sort of vanished.

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