Testimony for Dengue Fever

Hi Everybody,
One fine day i called my good old friend in Bangalore.
I was shocked to hear his 2.5 years old son was affected with Dengue fever. The small kid
was hospitalized for last 3 days and the condition was going worse everyday, where his
internal water pipe broke and the water started entering into lungs. The child whole body and
face budged eventually. Sometime the platelet count reduced <8000; the recommended
platelet count for kids to be 4 Lakh+. I could not digest my friend crying.
There I approached Inner Wellness Circle for healing the child through Energy Healing.
Instantly in the next few minutes the healing was done and continued for few days in the
regular intervals with three healing a day gradually reducing the frequency based on the
progress. As the healing session was progressing the count of platelets increased and
gradually the kid recovered completely. In the next 2 days after the healing started, the child
got discharged from hospital. Now the kid is doing well.
Cannot express the thanks through words and blessed to know about Energy Healing and
would love to spread it to the whole world.
Sincerely thanks to our teachers and Great Guru Guru for His teachings and blessings.
Marking my friend Anandan in CC
Thank you!
Amith (Anand Amirtharaj)

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