Testimonial for high BP

Hi Everybody,
It’s my pleasure to share my experience to bring back my High BP to normal 🙂
For past 3 years my BP it was gradually increasing from normal to high and recently it was
150/100+. Approached Inner Wellness Circle to help me in healing.
Regular professional healing was initiated for me. I was advised to do appropriate physical
exercises and breathing exercises selected from Therapeutic Yoga. Two years ago I had also
practiced Therapeutic Yoga for a month, so I was familiar with them.
Healing continued for two months. We were regularly monitoring BP with a BP machine
which I purchased. First month of healing it on average the reading came down to 130/90
range. After second month’s healing it we continued monitoring and it came down to the
normal 120/80 range.
Now i am just advised to continue with my exercises routine. I am so excited to share that my
BP is completely NORMAL now :). And I don’t need to take medicine life long.
This testifies that BP is curable through Energy Healing and Therapeutic Yoga exercises. I
urge anyone suffering from BP take it seriously and work on self to cure it, rather than be
dependent on medicines life long.
Thanks to Ruchi, Sanjil and of course our Grand Guru for the great teachings.

Best Regards,
Anand Amirtharaj (Amith)

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