Successful recovery from Covid-19

Dear all,

Recently, My parents got infected with Covid. My mother’s symptoms were mild but my father had developed severe infection. It was Diwali time and my parents were hospitalized one day before Diwali. Both are senior citizens. Looking at my father conditions, Dr was expecting that he might need ventilator support within next few hours.

As always, we requested Ruchi ji & Sanjil Ji for their help with the healing. Ruchi Ji & Sanjil ji helped us and provided the much needed multiple sessions of healing. The healing effects were evident in 2 days. With multiple healings, my father’s vitals were showing improvements and there was no need of Ventilator. As per Dr., his infection was ~75%, which is considered as critical. He was very surprised that with such critical infection, my father health was improving and there was no need of ventilator.

With the help of blessings and healing energies, he got discharge within 10 days and his vitals are stable. He is recovering now. During his follow-up check-up, Dr was really surprised and mentioned :

“I am very surprised that you recovered really fast with stable vitals. There were other 3 patients who got hospitalized at same time, with almost same % of infections as yours. Unfortunately we could not save 2 of them and other one is in critical conditions under ventilator. I am not sure how it happened but it is really miracle and you got 2nd life.”

Another thing which happened was, my mother immune system is very weak. She catches any infection very fast. She recently went through Angioplasty. Her healing session is continuing since then. We were surprised that my mother infection was very mild, even Dr was expecting that she might be develop sever symptoms, but nothing happened. She got discharged within 3 days. We believe that due to continuous healings for my mother, she was safe and only got mild infections.

We will be always grateful to Ruchi Ji & Sanjil ji for their help and teachings. Yes, Therapeutic Energy Healing indeed is a miracle – Miracle of blessings and healing energies.

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