Success story of conception, smooth pregnancy and normal delivery

This is my story of successful conception, smooth pregnancy and normal delivery through Pranic
healing & Therapeutic Yoga. This is a long overdue mail with me benefiting from this for more
than a year. Since a long I have been preparing to draft this, but it happened only now ☺.

This system is not well known and it may be hard to believe unless one experiences its miracle. I
hope this will be an inspiration to all those who want to conceive naturally or simply want to live
healthy life close to nature or Prana. My desire to have kids started off immediately after marriage. As months passed with no result the desire became anxiety which was followed by 3 cycles of unsuccessful infertility medication and a laparoscopic surgery.

That was the time I approached Inner Wellness Circle for Yoga. We were told that I should join Therapeutic Yoga to heal my problem. I took Basic Energy Healing workshop. After taking the workshop I felt the system is too simple to believe, however I had not much option but to give it a try. Immediately after laparoscopic surgery I started off with the daily Therapeutic Yoga sessions. That was the time when I first experienced the power of healing. The scar from the surgery healed so quickly. The daily meditation & forgiveness affirmation helped me feel better
about everything and look at things in positive manner.

I was told to continue doing the practices for about 6 months, but I was little impatient, immediately after the surgery I underwent IUI for conception. During this time the doctors expressed concern about the endometrial thickness which was insufficient for carrying out IUI procedure. At that time through healings and prayer (divine healing part of Pranic healing) again I experienced the power of healing the endometrial thickness grew as required and the IUI procedure was carried out successfully. I conceived but the doc did the scan and told the sack
size is not convincing to confirm a successful pregnancy and ultimately it ended. May be my kid
did not wanted to come through IUI with artificial hormones.

This instance was followed by a phase of depression and recovery of my system. I continued the
Therapeutic Yoga sessions. These sessions helped me to think positively and have right mental
state. I had developed strong belief in the system by then. Physically I started feeling a lot better
after the therapeutic yoga exercises.

First thing that changed within me was the anxiety to conceive. Second was, the strong belief in me that my system and the practices I am doing is good enough for natural conception. Just in a couple of months I conceived again this time naturally without any infertility treatment. I did not take a single hormone tablet. It was spontaneous conception. This was completely due to Pranic healing and Therapeutic Yoga based on it.

I made full use of the Energy Healing throughout the delivery and I delivered a cute little baby girl through normal delivery. During the pregnancy there were instances where urine infection was healed with healing without any medication, this we confirmed through medical reports. From the time I conceived, I followed all the advice on what to do during pregnancy from food, books, music, meditation, exercises, walking, mental state, tithing and everything.

Many many thanks to Pranic healing. The most important thing is my close family members who initially had disbelief in this are now a believer. They have embraced healing, have done the healing workshop, and now have been helping me and the kid with healing when required. Pranic healing during the pregnancy kept me in good mental & emotional state during the whole period of pregnancy, as necessary for the proper development of the child in the womb.

My daughter is a happy & healthy child, and we as parent are proud of it. I am truly grateful to Energy Healings for transforming my life. And I really hope that many people like me benefit from this system and get transformed…

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