Shoulder, neck pain and migraine

Dear All,

We would like to share the below healing testimony.
Name: Praveena (27 year old)
Address: Sudarshan nagar colony, HCU bus depot, Hyderabad
Case: Shoulder, neck pain & Migraine,
Distance healing sessions were done from, Hyderabad
Praveena reported pain in her left shoulder and the neck area. We started applying Volini pain
relieving cream and hot fomentation for few days. But, the pain didn’t subside and in a week she
developed swelling in the affected area. The pain also became so unbearable that she could not
get sleep. We consulted a good orthopedician. He diagnosed it as a normal sprain in the neck and
shoulder muscles and prescribed pain killers for a week. There was some amount of relief until
the dosage got over. The swelling did not subside and the pain returned again.
Myself and Praveena both have taken the healing workshops and are receptive to the system of
healing. We approached Energy Healing for help. We were enquired about the problem and
suggested that we should get healings for migraine in addition to the shoulder pain, as she has
been suffering with it for a long time. Within just 2 healings 80% of the pain went away. In a
week’s time the swelling disappeared and so the pain. She could sleep well and could turn her
neck with ease. We asked for 1-2 weeks of more healing to migraine also.
She hasn’t had a single incidence of migraine pain- otherwise she would have it every 2 daysduring this time.
Now after healings she is completely alright. We wish to express my deepest gratitude to the
miraculous world of Pranic healing.
Praveena & Venkata Satish

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